London, Day 1

Well, we’re back. The flight was a bit bumpy, and HWMBO was held up at immigration by some people in front of him who took an unreasonably long time to clear. Meanwhile, I took about 10 minutes in a queue to get to immigration, which was a real annoyance. We pay good tax money for this, and they don’t seem to be able to get it right. So I then had to cool my heels at the belt because we had three cases, so i couldn’t drag them over to the trolley line to get a trolley, so I just had to stay with them and wait for HWMBO to get down there. Half an hour later he did. Staff kept asking me if I was missing a suitcase.

Heathrow Express, and then a taxicab home (

One Response to “London, Day 1”

  1. nicekit says:

    hehehehe since u are back in london
    i need to put u thru a mission ….
    email me once u woke up..
    nicekit at yahoo dot com