I may be in deep trouble…

…because I am nearly totally blocked on my sermon for Sunday. The major text is the account of the Visitation in Luke 1, including the Magnificat. I’m thinking in terms of difficult vs. impossible. I have about a page done, but I’m not happy about it and I would be OK with scrapping what I’ve got so far.

I went to Desperate Preacher, but only ended up looking at many pages of spam for Viagra and the like, as the discussions of the reading tapered off and the spam took over.

I shall sleep on it. Meanwhile, any thoughts welcome if they happen to hit you, and I trust that I shall awake tomorrow morning with the sermon written in my mind. Prayers for inspiration welcome.

Heck, inspiration welcome, if you have some to spare.

One Response to “I may be in deep trouble…”

  1. spwebdesign says:

    Perhaps listening to some music inspired by/based on the Magnificat would help? I’ve got a few samples on my external HD you could listen to.