Today’s Funny Encounter

My work mobile phone just went off…I answered, and a gentleman asked for me, and started into a spiel for placing someone here at TCS. I stopped him in the middle and said, “Sorry, I’m not the person to whom you should be speaking.” He asked me whether I knew who the proper person for him to speak to was. I replied, “Haven’t a clue.”

His response: “Kevin Taclue? Could you spell that please?”

Of course, I should have let him call reception and ask for Kevin Taclue, but not being a total sadist, I repeated myself, “Haven’t a clue” and he finally got it. I hung up laughing.

3 Responses to “Today’s Funny Encounter”

  1. thoburn says:

    wow…tts a gd one. Kevin taclue hvt a clue

  2. stealthpup says:

    As a person with an impaired aural parser, I’m offended. (OK, not really offended, but I did get a mildly queasy feeling that you might be tempted to be a total sadist.)

  3. anonymous says:

    hi chris,

    i’m intending to switch to LJ… Still deciding..

    Anyway, I’m now using another blog reader, bloglines, hopefully it’s better than google reader.

    And, for your blog, yes, it’s really kinda funny… that “Haven’t a clue” ends up as “Kevin Taclue”..

    Kevin Lee