Perpetual links

As I go through my livejournal entries adding tags, I’ve become very fond of news sources of links that have not expired. The Register is one favourite, the BBC is another. Other news sources, especially small town newspapers (which of course often have the most interesting and weird stories), don’t bother to keep their stories around, or change their addresses so that when you look for them a year or more later, they’re gone.

I’ve had to delete a few entries that contain dead links which I cannot resurrect. Some I’ve been able to refresh the links with a different, and perhaps more lasting, link to the same story.

As of today I’m mired in January 2007; I hope to have finished attaching tags to every post within a few weeks or so.

2 Responses to “Perpetual links”

  1. jwg says:

    Is there ant tool that makes it easy to do this? One thqat list a bunch of entries with a few words from each and the opportunity to place tags on each and then click once to submit them would be ideal.

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    I’ve never heard of one; there’s a niche for some enterprising programmer, I suppose. In actuality, I enjoy going through each post; they remind me of what I was doing at that time and also give me the opportunity to clean up typos and infelicities that I notice only second-time around.

    Once it’s done, it’s done. Now that I use Semagic to post, I can put tags on each new post easily.