Today’s Senator Tapper Mc Widestance post

…is an embedded video which may not actually stay up too long so go for it, guys and gals. You’ll split your sides.

Or, at least, reach under a stall or two…

7 Responses to “Today’s Senator Tapper Mc Widestance post”

  1. trawnapanda says:

    oh now THAT’s delightful.

    “you’re going to vote against gay marriage — why, d’ya think marriage will take the sizzle out of it?”

    and by not resigning, he’s giving comics another 15 months of it. couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  2. runecircle says:

    very very funny

  3. brachy says:

    thats reeeaallly good

  4. cuyahogarvr says:

    Awesome, just awesome!

  5. urban_bohemian says:

    HA! That was delicious.

    I thought about you the other night while watching some “acquired” episodes of an old Dawn French show “Murder Most Horrid” – the first episode of the series portrays Masons in a very funny, though widely inaccurate, manner trying to block a murder investigation.

  6. chrishansenhome says:

    Well, maybe you should join up! I’ve decided that Dawn French isn’t as funny as I thought she was (not on the basis of this program…the Dawn French/Jennifer Saunders stuff that’s on now sucks the big one…

  7. urban_bohemian says:

    Their new sketches are amusing, but they are certainly showing their age. They are depending upon the years of their comedy to make the current efforts more funny to the audience.

    It’s one reason I’m scouring the internet for their older series that were never released (here or there) on DVD/VHS, and enjoying them in their heyday. Much as I love Dawn, sometimes seeing her today just makes me more and more worried for her health.