Today’s Commercial URL

Many of you will be familiar with Orangina, the French soft drink which is lightly carbonated and has lots of organge pieces in it.

Well, here’s a bit of bestial advertising for it. Don’t miss the squid.

6 Responses to “Today’s Commercial URL”

  1. vernnyc says:

    Why am I not surprised that this is French and not American? 😉

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    Because we’re both Americans?

  3. cubziz says:

    That’s freaking funny.

    I love the Flashdance scene, as well as the “bunnies” riding the exploding bottle of Orangina. *snicker*

    Had it been humans and not beasts, it would’ve been banned for being too sexual (even in France), but with Bunnies and Bears “Awww… It’s cute.” *snicker*

    A few million furries just had mini orgasms though. 😉

  4. rsc says:

    That’s bizarre even without the sound.

    Don’t miss the squid.

    I thought they were octopus, but who knows?

  5. chrishansenhome says:

    I think that the French for “full of pulp” is similar to the French for “squid”.

  6. rsc says:

    Could be. I’m pretty sure that “polpo” is Italian for “octopus”, FWIW.