My week and welcome to it

Well, it’s been a pretty loud week in Lake Elephant and Castle. The only evening that I wasn’t particularly busy was Monday, and that was spent thinking about my sermon to be delivered tomorrow. No results until Saturday afternoon, I’m afraid.

Tuesday evening we had Lodge of Instruction, and Wednesday our Lodge meeting, where we initiated a new Brother. As a fairly new Freemason, I always love to see another man taking his first regular step in Freemasonry. If any of you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a Mason, take it from me, it’s interesting, fulfilling, and a real privilege to become a member of the oldest fraternal organisation in the world. I can’t say much more about it, of course, except to say that the efforts put in by my brother the Junior Deacon, and the Worshipful Master, were absolutely spectacular, along with the Inner Guard, making his debut in that post.

Wednesday morning I had a job interview at a arge investment bank in the City for a Quality Manager’s job. This would be a very interesting post, I suppose, and carries the title of Asst. Vice President (of course, Vice Presidents are a dime a dozen at investment banks). The employment agent sent me to the wrong building, so I cooled my heels there, hoping that I wouldn’t bump into any of the consultants from my company who are working at this investment bank. Luckily, I didn’t. The pimp^Wemployment agent thinks there will be a second interview.

Thursday and Friday were spent thinking about my sermon (still no luck), and writing a prayer for the beginning of Bishop’s Council today. The American Book of Common Prayer is wonderful for things of that sort, and I only added some leaven to the lump that I got therefrom.

Bishop’s Council today was interesting; we had a presentation on child protection and a lively debate about lay participation in synods and the Council. It’s quite an interesting question, and clerics need to stop and think about the effect that trying to drown out the voices of laity has on the councils of the Church of England.

I finally got an idea for my sermon, and wrote it this evening when I got back from Bishop’s Council. Tomorrow, St. John’s Larcom Street, then (I hope) rest and relaxation. HWMBO has other ideas, though: we got a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and I think he sees vacuuming all the carpets in the house as my penance for spending money on it. I will have to cook bangers and mash tomorrow, however; cooked some of Tesco’s “economy” line bangers and mash one evening last week and they were palpable for several hours afterwards. Real bangers and mash will be lovely and a good way to cheer us all up after a busy week.

2 Responses to “My week and welcome to it”

  1. dangtri says:

    Smiling at the bangers and mash story — bon ap’!

    Ready-made meals have become much better since say 15 years ago, but still, the cheapo versions are sometimes shudderworthy.

    My fingers are crossed for the Quality Manager’s job! Sounds good! (Though my mind boggles at a proliferation of Vice Presidents — kinda devaluates the position, innit?)

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    Well, I understand the reason why ready-meals are popular, but convenience has its price. I don’t mind ricing potatoes for a good cause.

    Well, I’ve never been a Vice President of anything, so it would be nice to get an interesting title for a change. Yes, it’s devalued, except that the salary seems to be relatively hefty. That’s certainly not devalued.