Especially for <lj user=”trawnapanda”>

…comes an item that would not only fit into the OLPFRSC, but would also give him a daily focus of worship during breakfast.

One Response to “Especially for <lj user=”trawnapanda”>”

  1. trawnapanda says:

    you are really ever so kind.

    it might even get me eating toast of a weekday morning. (the current panda breakfast is cereal, juice and tea).

    and when I went looking further, I find it’s one of the items in the 12 days of Kitschmas as propagated at this time of year by Ship-of-Fools. I was quite taken with the Blessed Virgin USB Memory Key (with flashing immaculate heart).

    but of course, you couldn’t actually EAT a USB key, or spread Vegemite(tm) on it (at least, not to such good effect) , as one could with Blessed Virgin Toast.

    decisions, decisions…