I am about ready to effing SCREAM!

I was using Flock and Firefox tonight as browsers (both with the Mozilla engine), and all of a sudden, if I right-clicked on a photo to open it in a new tab, I got the “Open this file with…” dialog and it wanted me to open it in L-View (the image editor I use most often). WTF??? WTEFFINGF?? Why are both of them doing that?

I really need to lock my computer when not using it, as HWMBO and houseguests often use it and abuse it.

Anyone got any ideas about how I can force Firefox and Flock to just open the image in a new tab, like it used to? Please? What happened??

8 Responses to “I am about ready to effing SCREAM!”

  1. spwebdesign says:

    When I right-click an image in Firefox, I get the choice to view image, but not to open it in a new tab. I would have to copy image location, then open a new tab and paste it in.

    Is it possible that one of the new Firefox updates (or perhaps a Windows update) changed this?

  2. pyrzqxgl says:

    Maybe L-View made itself the default viewer for .JPG files (or whatever other format the photo might be). You could follow some steps along these lines to make Firefox the default viewer, and see if that takes care of it (assuming you’re using some version of Windows).

  3. smlee4 says:

    what’s “WTEFFINGF”?

  4. chrishansenhome says:

    You know what “WTF” means. Well, think of this as

    WT F**king F

    and you’ve got it.

  5. smlee4 says:

    lemme fill in e blanks..

    What ThE F***ING Fish?

  6. chrishansenhome says:

    Oh, well, good try.

  7. smlee4 says:

    good try?? argh.. msn me the ans?

  8. chrishansenhome says:

    You know what WTF means, right? If so, then use the participle of the F-verb between the “The” and the “F*ck” and you’ve got it.