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I am really sorry about the shootings in Omaha. However, that wasn’t the only story in the US that had to do with a gun. This gentleman took exception to being teased, and took it out on the teasers.

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  1. stealthpup says:

    Elisha was the coolest, though — when he got teased about his baldness, he had God sic bears on the culprits.

  2. mrpandabehr says:

    How often does shooting happen in the UK?

  3. chrishansenhome says:

    Gun crime here is, compared to the US, relatively rare. I think that in the whole country there are less than 100 shootings in a year.

    Recently there has been a spate of black-on-black gun crime, especially among teenage gang members. My area here in South London was hit rather badly, but there are still fewer murders in the United Kingdom than there are in most large American cities per year.

    The police are not normally armed; there have been some incidents such as the killing of an unarmed Brasilian electrician in 2005 because the police mistook him for an Islamic terrorist.

    Shooting people because they made fun of your flatulence is unheard of here.

  4. trawnapanda says:

    … or are you just glad to see me?

    not a lot of shooting of people when mockery follows on farting. No, in England you just get a letter from the social club asking you to go outside to fart.

    Harrassment of bystanders tends to take the form of vegetables in ones trousers rather than brandishing of firearms.