Monday through Thursday

Well, I’m back in London now, but not without incident. Let me backtrack.

Monday we went shopping yet again. Got the usual (razor blades, Irish Spring soap) and unusual (Puma trainers for

7 Responses to “Monday through Thursday”

  1. ruth_lawrence says:

    Thanks for posting this 🙂

  2. rsc says:

    I forgot that Thursday was the day you were flying back; Friday’s Globe‘s front page headlined that a horrible day had been had by one and all at Logan Airport. I’m glad you got home OK.

    It was lovely to see you.

  3. trawnapanda says:

    “The Wedge Salad”???

    it looks like one quarter of an iceberg lettuce, ranch dressing, bacon bits and one slice of tomato, cut in half. is it?

    I can’t recall ever having a salad I needed more than a fork to eat.

    anyway, glad your travels are over and you’re Back Home Safe.

  4. momshapedbox says:

    Just curious…why the razor blades and irish spring soap??

  5. chrishansenhome says:

    The razor blades are much less expensive in the US than they are here (I can get 20 for the price of 8 in the UK), and Irish Spring soap is not sold here and the deodorant soap that is sold here is not very nice. So I buy some whenever I’m in the US and ask visitors to bring some when they come here. You didn’t ask, but peanut butter here is awful–it tastes like there is sand mixed into it. Plus, you can’t get large-sized jars the way you can in the US.

  6. momshapedbox says:

    Very interesting!! 20 years ago when my best girlfriend moved to northern Italy near the alps, they had no peanut butter there. Just nut patella or somehting. Her kids missed PB and J sandwiches that when she came back yearly for a visit she would stock up on JIF. Also instant oatmeal was not there. Go figure. Glad you like peanut butter as much as me!!

  7. chrishansenhome says:

    Oh, HWMBO is the peanut butter fan; I use it occasionally but can live mostly without it.

    Nutella is hazelnut butter with chocolate (I think). Lots of people here love it. It would mean instant diabetic coma for me, probably.