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So a man climbs down a cliff, sans safety equipment (which was a ways away in his car) to save the life of a teenage girl who had fallen over and was hanging from her fingertips. The man is a hero, right? The girl nominated him for an award. Does the agency for which the man is a volunteer appreciate his bravery and courage and quick-thinking selfless actions?

The heck it does!

One Response to “Today’s There’ll Always be an England, Stupidity Department, URL”

  1. stealthpup says:

    No kidding. How could the department say

    “As such we ask our volunteers to risk assess the situations they and the injured or distressed person find themselves in, and to ensure that whatever action they take does not put anyone in further danger.

    with a straight face? I’d say that letting her fall would have “put anyone in further danger”, eh?