Three Chris .con

For the soc.motsseurs among us, there was an extremely rare event this evening: a three Chris .con. Chris A, , was in town for an Anglican meeting, and Chris W, , who lives in town, joined me for the first Three Chris .con. Pictures were taken, and here are two:

and, with Chris W. moving to the other side of the camera, two Chrisses and an HWMBO:

There was much quotation from Douglas Adams and Monty Python, and we nearly closed the restaurant.

5 Responses to “Three Chris .con”

  1. rsc says:

    What a delightfully cheery bunch you are! (Also: HWMBO’s hair is much longer than when I last saw him.)

  2. besskeloid says:

    The Manly Panda’s got bigger hair too. Anyway, seeing this three-Chris pile-up has made my morning. I wish you could all see me beaming back at you.

  3. chrishansenhome says:

    Well, I’m happy you enjoyed it. If you ever get down this way please drop by…we’d enjoy meeting you.

  4. serenejournal says:


  5. trawnapanda says:

    the manly panda’s hair is huge, and he’s not pleased about it, but if you avoid going to the hairdressing saloon, this is what happens. my hair doesn’t get long, it gets big. decidedly like Sally Brown (charlie brown’s kid sister).

    One way to avoid that is of course to wear a hat to control the errant locks. And here it is:

    (photo: HWMBO. I’m sure that photos were taken of Chris Brixton wearing The Panda Hat too, but they’re not on my camera. Are you SURE such photos didn’t make it to Southwark?)