Leap Day Gift?

I woke up this morning, came downstairs, ate breakfast, got the computer ready for work (working at home today). Then I looked out the back door, and there was a huddle of clothing on the ground. I opened the door and examined it.

Now, those of you who are Londoners or familiar with London will know that in the morning it’s quite common to see puddles of vomit on the ground, usually from the drunken sots who pour out of the pubs at 11 pm or later. However, this pile of clothing came from someone who was (to be euphemistic) taken short without access to a toilet. It wasn’t badly soiled, but it was, well, shitty (not to mince words). One pair Umbro sweat pants, sixe XXL, and one pair boxer shorts.

Now, being well able to wear and appreciate size XXL sweat pants, I decided that the thing to do was wash them. They are now good as new and drying.

Is this kinky?

Answers on a postcard, please.

3 Responses to “Leap Day Gift?”

  1. trawnapanda says:

    i’m just curious as to what caught-short poor drunken sot wore to get from your place to his home. It sounds as if he was starkers from waist to socks.

    maybe his shirt-tails were long.

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    Well, at that kind of late hour, I don’t suppose too many people were out and about. And it was colder than a witch’s tit last night, so even if he had long shirt tails he must have frozen his arse off.

  3. trawnapanda says:

    he must have frozen his arse off.

    so if you come across two disembodied cheeks 200m down the New Kent Road, you’ll know where they came from!