Easter weekend and welcome to it…

Good Friday was quite peaceful, if cold. The entire weekend has been colder than a witch’s …. well, you know what. I went to St. John’s to preach, and gave my two-minute sermon. We didn’t go anywhere in particular on Friday, just chilled (easy enough in this weather).

Saturday we went shopping; I got a pair of shoes at the Natural Shoe Store in Covent Garden. We had lunch at Thai Square on the Strand, as HWMBO wanted some Thai food. I had green curry pasta, and he had just plain green curry. It’s not too bad and is filling without being too hot or too expensive. We walked all the way to Goodge Street for a Starbucks that wasn’t full, later on.

I got St. Matthew’s ready for Sunday services on Saturday evening then went to St. John’s for their Easter Vigil. As the weather was horrible (did I forget to mention the hailstorm we had in the afternoon?) we did very little else on Saturday or Sunday.

White Easter indeed…

Today we needed to buy some health food stuff and I suggested that we go to the Embankment and share a footlong Subway sandwich then go to the Holland and Barratt’s store there. When we got there, we discovered that a Quiznos has opened there, so since neither of us has tried one, that’s where we had lunch. We shared a meatball sub and a chicken sub. Both were very nice; we’ll go there again. Off to the Heyward then to see the Russian photography exhibition (pretty boring Russian socialist realism to me, but HWMBO liked it) and the tail end of the Laughter exhibition, which we abandoned 3/4 of the way through last time because there was just so much of it.

Back home again and to dinner, roast chicken with cornbread stuffing and peas. Now to bed, and back to the grind tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Easter weekend and welcome to it…”

  1. thoburn says:

    UK is so beautiful

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    Well, having a White Easter is a bit too much beauty for me, really…I wish it would warm up. The sky outside is a beautiful blue this morning, with just a few streaks of cloud in it.

  3. ext_91493 says:

    Thanks for the pictures.

    Oh how I do miss winter in London.

  4. chrishansenhome says:

    Well, come by next January and stay with us, if you like.