Charlton Heston is dead…

…and as someone (no doubt, many millions of people) has pointed out, one can now pry the gun out of his cold dead hands. The greatness of his acting has of late been eclipsed by his advocacy of the National Rifle Association.

5 Responses to “Charlton Heston is dead…”

  1. serenejournal says:

    *raised eyebrow* The greatness of his acting?

  2. hickbear says:

    Mayhaps Chris meant “Greatness” as in “The Great Fire Of London”, or “The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906”, or “The Great Depression”?

  3. serenejournal says:

    Oh, whew.

    I confess I liked him in Ben Hur, but I’m not sure how much of that was him, and how much was just that I loved that film when I was in my teens.

    And of course Soylent Green was just painful.

  4. hickbear says:

    For me, the most painful part of Soylent Green was that it was the last film of Edward G. Robinson. What an incredible waste of talent…

  5. gmjambear says:

    In a post I wrote in 2004, I had mixed feelings about the death of one Hall of Fame football player who made several public anti-gay statements. Heston’s life and death runs parallel to other public figures. I prefer looking at a person’s entire life and not just their notable accomplishments.