Today’s Matrimonial URL

For a long time ministers, priests, and rabbis have had the power to solemnise marriages for both civil and religious purposes. This is true both in the UK and the US. Various churches in the US have suspended marriage ceremonies, opting to bless a marriage already contracted civilly. Now, Newington Green Unitarian Church in North London has done the same. This will continue until full parity between same-sex and opposite-sex unions comes to pass in law.

Thanks to its minister, Andrew Pakula, for his support and his congregation’s support. They are my


2 Responses to “Today’s Matrimonial URL”

  1. seinneann_ceoil says:

    Andy is a good friend of mine…we’ve known each other since Boston (he came here from Lexington last year) and I was at the conference and debate where Newington Green made the decision and the announcement.

    It was a moment of pride for me.

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    That’s really great. Thanks again for your support.