My drive problem seems to have been fixed miraculously

(reposted from gaygeeks)

You may remember that I posted a few days ago about a problem that I thought was related to Vista having to do with my hard disks failing in RAID 0.

Well, this morning I got a message from the Intel Matrix Storage Manager that a new download was available that might fix my problem. It was one of those “Windows thinks it can solve your problem” messages.

Well, I downloaded the new version of the Storage Manager, installed it, rebooted (and endured an almost endless CHKDSK full of funny errors), and logged back in. The Storage Manager icon was still there, demanding attention. However, when I opened it and right clicked on the “failing” disk, it said that I could “Mark it as normal”, which I did. On rebooting (again), no problems came up.

So the difficulty that I thought was Vista corrupting my disk seems to have been related to the Intel software that runs my RAID controller.

While I’m not out of the woods yet (lots of other things are turning up), I’m grateful for all the suggestions (and, yes, I got my Stephen Gibson SpinRite money back today) and also grateful that the disk problem was repairable and now is also explainable.

2 Responses to “My drive problem seems to have been fixed miraculously”

  1. smlee4 says:

    yay!! but wat’s the money back thing about?

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    I paid for a popular disk repair utility from Stephen Gibson ( and couldn’t make it work on my machine, so I got my money back.