Posting from Marblehead

Have been here for three days now but nothing much has happened yet. The trip over was rather interesting, though.

Getting on the plane was OK, as I had checked in beforehand. I chose an exit row as I thought I wanted more leg room. However, I was in the middle seat, and I have discovered that all your other room is pretty much limited when you’re in that particular middle seat.

The guy sitting to my left was German, and he complained very loudly and decisively when he was refused the alternative of sitting in Premium Economy. He felt that the bulkhead was in his way and that he didn’t like the fact that there was no window. Well, duh.

The cabin attendant got him a switcheroo with someone else, an Australian, who felt that the armrest was his exclusive property, and not to be shared with the poor doofus in the middle seat (me).

The gentleman on my right had a very small laptop that he wanted to work on. That meant that his elbows were poking me in the side for most of the ride.

In the row behind me was an extremely elderly couple who sounded like Henry Crum and Minnie Bannister. They had very small bladders and were getting up incessantly to use the loo but had trouble figuring out how to get there and interrogated eachother in high quavering voices.

Oh, the food was awful, by the way. You didn’t ask, but I guess it’s a given.

So when I got off I got into the queue for Immigration, and the officer was very brusque and rude. He asked me:

  • What do you do?
  • What is the purpose of your trip? When I answered “I live in the UK” he asked “No, I mean the purpose of THIS trip.” I said, “It’s a holiday.” and he then asked “What are you going to do on your holiday?” I replied, “Visit my family.”
  • How much money are you carrying on you?
  • Do you have any food with you?

I answered everything satisfactorily, I guess, as he let me through. I find it odd that they are allowed to so closely question US citizens returning to the US from abroad. He was not a happy bunny either and asked the questions very rudely. The posters on each station say that the agents, being the first face of America to people getting off planes, are under an obligation to greet you cordially and welcome you to the US. This guy had not read the posters.

Got my luggage, got through Customs, and got home. We all went out to Outback for dinner last night, and tomorrow, after church, we’re going shopping. I’m getting US currency to take to Cambodia, where it apparently is the currency of choice over the local stuff.

Sorry I haven’t been posting or Tweeting, but I do not have internet access at my brother’s place, as he stopped my uncle’s access after I left in July. I’m posting courtesy of my sister’s workplace.

Will try to post once again before I leave. Back in London at 0545 on Friday, God willing and the crick don’t rise.

3 Responses to “Posting from Marblehead”

  1. runecircle says:

    I still find plane rides fun I guess, in spite of the good food and the stupid people. It’s the little kid in me.

    Hmm yea, I think it’s a universal thing–customs officers are just dickheads in general

  2. celloboi says:

    I told u to transit at PHILLY!!! hahhaa. yeah.. i hate sitting in planes and well, i reckon u were on BA. I find their seats extremely uncomfortable but enjoy urself =) say hi to Berklee and Boston college of music for me. haha!

  3. chrishansenhome says:

    I am in Boston tomorrow so I will be sure to say “Hi!” to Berklee for you. Posting fro0m the only cafe in town with a Wi-Fi hot-stop. Tried Starbucks, but their hotspot was down as they’d just changed from T-Mobile to AT&T. When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.