I am majorly impressed

Normally one assiciates getting a visa in a small Asian country with standing in line at an embassy for hours (probably in the hot sun) and paying lots of US dollars to them for a 3-day visa.

Well, I just discovered that I can apply for my Cambodian visa online! I was dumbfounded.

Starting through the application process, you fill out a first-page form and upload your passport photo–I quickly scanned my passport photo and uploaded it after trimming it to the right size. Then I pressed “Submit” and a few moments later, the website had gotten my photo and approved it (for size, I presume) and we went to the second page, where I filled out more personal details, passport and journey details, and contact details.

After I pressed “Submit” here the apostrophe in my address (St. Matthews Court) threw the website; I think their web designer hadn’t protected the text from the program itself. Once I corrected that, the page led me to PayPal, where I paid US$25 for the visa and processing. Presto! It’s all done and I will be receiving an e-visa via e-mail once a human being approves it.

Other than the little glitch, it was painless and quite efficient. I am dead chuffed that a small country like Cambodia could make it so easy and efficient to apply for and receive a visa. My hat’s off to you, Cambodia! I hope that my visit will be as pleasant as applying for a visa was.

One Response to “I am majorly impressed”

  1. sinnerz says:

    the phom penh airport is really nice n modern… just like bkk standard…

    siem reap not as good… but looks like a holiday resort!!!

    it will be as pleasant if not more pleasant then the application for visa.