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  • 07:03 @RobertFischer it’s to keep undocumented aliens from getting a license in NC. Result: drivers with no insurance or license causing accidents #
  • 10:13 @tug vigorish is a yiddish word having to do with either a commission (financial) or a kickback. #
  • 10:20 @tug you’re welcome. my 21 years in New York City were not spent in vain. #
  • 15:34 @fj happened to me too. complain to Ofgen and contact the one you want to be your permanent supplier to reverse the action. #
  • 15:40 @jonk i always sneeze uncontrollably when I’m near a Lush. #
  • 15:44 @scorpiojerm “giving way to anyone who wants to come into my lane”. That quite a neat double entendre… #
  • 15:47 @davidrowell I waited well over 90 minutes for immigration for US citizens at Logan in Dec. 2007. 3rd world touches Boston too. #
  • 17:37 @jonk you forgot! “pants” equals “underwear”. Did you buy Calvins, or trousers? Sorry I won’t be able to make the meet-up later… 🙁 #
  • 17:43 @jonk late september/early october is a good time to be here–weather is cool but not too rainy. we may come to SF next year tho… #
  • 18:26 @kevjumba it would only be weird if your teeth were perfect and you got braces anyway… #
  • 23:33 well, tweeters, off to bed. play nice, and see you tomorrow. #

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