For <lj user=”spwebdesign”> and any other Web designers who read this…

I wonder whether you have an opinion on George Leong’s website.

I feel a bit uneasy.

7 Responses to “For <lj user=”spwebdesign”> and any other Web designers who read this…”

  1. spwebdesign says:

    It’s flashy and slick, which is what I’m sure he was going for. And it’s going to lose him potential business.

    I’m not a big fan of Flash content where not essential. However, I recognize that in his industry he’s trying to go for a certain look and feel that is easily achieved with Flash. Fine. But it needs to be done in a more accessible way.

    The first problem is that it takes me, on a fast connection, somewhere just short of a minute to load. Very few people are going to wait more than 10 seconds. His fancy splash page with the butterflies and slider does nothing but create a barrier to people trying to access his site.

    The content needs to be better organized. Both the content and the navigation schemes are counterintuitive. Is there really a need to have separate contact and bio pages for George the DJ and George the Producer? No. He’d be better served having one index page with basic information about who he is and what he does, separate pages for bookings/engagements and productions, and perhaps a separate page for more in-depth biographical information about his different roles as DJ and Producer, with contact information prominently displayed on all pages.

    He needs to remember that the web is about disseminating information and selling products and services. All the delays caused by the fancy animations and the unintuitive site architecture keep potential buyers from getting the information they’re looking for (or the information George wants them to see).

    Also, instead of using a looping background audio that one cannot disable, considered bad practice, he should instead have a page of sound samples interested people can choose to open.

    That’s just for starters. These are the biggest problems with his site, but there are others. He can still have a slick site geared towards his target audience, he just needs to be mindful of good practices so that he doesn’t lose potential clients.

  2. kehf says:

    I’m not a web designer, but it took a long time to load on my fast connection and I didn’t get past the blah opening screen. I think my designer friends would scream if exposed to this. There is no context to tell users anything about the site from the get go. Boring, uninformative, and time wasting. I hope this isn’t the future of web design.

  3. leejean says:

    why do you feel uneasy?

  4. chrishansenhome says:

    The website is just a bit too flashy (or should that be Flashy?) for me.

  5. leejean says:


    Some PC can’t play Flash…maybe not the demographic he wants to attract…

  6. chrishansenhome says:

    Have you seen ‘s comment above? There are some aspects of the site which might make it difficult for people to use it. That translates into lost business.

  7. leejean says:

    yup, saw that…