From Twitter 02-12-2010

  • 09:35:55: morning, tweeps and peeps. off to the quack to get my foot poked, prodded, and carved up. Polish restaurant tonight.
  • 12:14:53: Back from the quack. Not much change, I guess. Back in two weeks. My foot is still attached.
  • 15:14:56: @jonk No, the humps in the road are there to slow down drivers. The top sign is to show that a bicycle lane starts there.
  • 15:39:59: @TheBlackoutBlog i have a friend who had his upper teeth replaced with false so he could give better BJs. Just sayin’
  • 18:50:38: @IvyBean104 I hope you have a lovely Valentines with cards from everyone. I would ask you to be my Valentine, but there are many ahead of me
  • 21:01:20: I’m at Mamuszka in London
  • 21:56:57: Just back from the newish Polish restaurant in the shopping centre. Had goulash, beetroot salad, and Polish coffee. All very nice and cheap!
  • 22:05:20: @jonk we must have a party for your 30,000th tweet. so keep it up!
  • 22:13:38: @IvyBean104 Thank you Ivy…you are the best.
  • 22:35:01: @shrinik If some bubblehead boss asks me for a solution, I tell him to ask a developer. I’m there to inform him/her about the problems.
  • 22:36:29: @shrinik As a manager you clear roadblocks for those who work for you. You find roadblocks for those for whom you work. They clear them 4 u.
  • 22:38:04: @shrinik I’d say, “Great! You get a bonus!” If I wanted my testers to solve problems I’d hire developers to test…badly!
  • 22:40:27: @shrinik Hm, never thought of it like that. It makes sense, though.
  • 23:54:38: @jonk i think it is the place you’re thinking of.

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2 Responses to “From Twitter 02-12-2010”

  1. momshapedbox says:

    Any news on the job interviews?

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    I emailed the guy who interviewed me last, and he says it’s still in process over in the US. They’ll be in touch with my recruiter soon.

    I’m hopeful, but not as hopeful as I was. Oh, well…I tried.