From Twitter 02-17-2010

  • 09:57:23: Good morning, tweeps and peeps. Ash Wednesday, supposed to fast but need to eat up the leftovers from last night’s American Chop Suey.
  • 10:04:25: @mhisham Fasting is a commendable habit which I got out of years ago, sadly.
  • 10:26:14: @dahara I dunno who thinks buying a TV license is dumb, but you require a license to watch TV here in the UK–the funds support the BBC.
  • 10:50:23: @mhisham If you’re a RC I think it might be. Def of fast: one full meal, two small one that don’t add up to more than the 1 full one.
  • 10:50:36: @mhisham If you’re Anglican, no, it’s not compulsory.
  • 10:51:32: @mhisham For the Orthodox, the fasting started Monday and includes no meat, eggs, dairy prods, oil, or something else. What do they eat?
  • 11:12:21: @EboniMaleXXX The pics were great…thanx for posting!
  • 14:14:29: Royal Mail are incompetent. No Economist (should have come last Fri.) & they have lost my prescription sent to my BG. Arghhh!
  • 14:15:23: @EboniMaleXXX good afternoon from London. Hope ur insomnia gets better.
  • 14:21:08: @KingofShaves Your survey is interesting but there is a problem: Q.3 should allow more than one answer but it only allows one answer.
  • 14:21:40: @KingofShaves and Q.4 should have a choice “Never” if you have never bought online.
  • 14:22:19: @KingofShaves And Q.7 allows you to click both “Yes” and “No”
  • 14:29:07: Anglican Bp. of Ebbsfleet intrigues with the Vatican to go behind RC bishops to establish Anglican Rite:
  • 14:46:07: @fonsus Sounds like he wants a proposition. If you want to make one, I think he’d accept it.
  • 14:46:45: @KingofShaves Great. I am a former market research person so these things jump right out at me.
  • 14:48:28: @fonsus Well, if you don’t proposition him, you’ll never know, will you? And he’s right about your boyish cuteness.
  • 22:08:51: @KingofShaves i sent it to nicky who started following me.
  • 22:18:10: nice…powerful photo.
  • 22:52:01: @hungskateboy no, defo not too many. there are never enough! thanx.
  • 23:39:46: I’ll bet the filling is hotter than the crust… RT @hungskateboy: im hot like a pop tart fresh out the toaster!

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3 Responses to “From Twitter 02-17-2010”

  1. spwebdesign says:

    Encouraged, but not compulsory. I certainly wasn’t going to fast on the day of a recital, just practiced abstinence.

  2. spwebdesign says:

    I didn’t realize/remember that you were formerly a market researcher. Did you and the Mad Fisher talk about that at my b-day gathering? It’s what she does.

  3. chrishansenhome says:

    Yes, we discussed it. She works for one of the companies that I fill out surveys for.