Recovered some of my email after bad news from the quack

Last night I was rattled enough that I didn’t actually pull my entire Thunderbird profile over from the desktop machine, including the all-crucial Mail database. When i got back from the quack this afternoon, I made a complete copy onto my thumbdrive and copied that to the netbook. Aside from a few glitches, it seems to be working and I can now send, receive, and file away emails.

The quack has put me on IV antibiotics again. There is a new pesky bug in the bone under my second right toe. The rest of the ulcers are healing nicely. They will be doing another X-ray next Wednesday and then have a consultation (yet again) with the orthopedic surgeons. I now have to wait at home every day until the district nurse comes. I may have to give them another box of biscuits. This is for two weeks and we will see what transpires.

3 Responses to “Recovered some of my email after bad news from the quack”

  1. vasilatos says:

    So sorry. Rooting for you, Chris…

  2. momshapedbox says:

    Oh no! More antibiotics…you never seem to catch a break.
    You”re back on my prayer list.

    Chin UP

  3. tim1965 says:

    YAY for the healing ulcers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!