From Twitter 02-12-2011

  • 00:10:00: Well, tweeps & peeps, HWMBO is home from Singapore, hooray! Time for bed; I may have to carry him upstairs. Sleep tight, all!
  • 11:26:41: Good morning, all. HWMBO is unpacked, a new computer is upstairs waiting to be set up, and I’m waiting for my IV. How are y’all today?
  • 21:17:49: RT @Beschizza: Went out without iPhone. Frustrated at not being able to tell twitter how liberating it felt.
  • 21:52:56: RT @MarkReiley: ItÂ’s going to be awesome when Stephen Hawking discovers Auto-Tune.
  • 22:58:05: Well, tweeps & peeps, it’s time to shut the new computer down and get ready for 40 winks. Be careful: it’s a minefield out there! Peace out.

2 Responses to “From Twitter 02-12-2011”

  1. mango_king says:

    Enjoy your reunion!

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    We did! Thanks!