From Twitter 03-06-2011

  • 19:09:39: @momfood Thanks for the kind words. I’ll tell HWMBO that someone DID care…
  • 19:10:34: Just back from the enthronement of the new Bishop of Southwark. Many grandees were seen.
  • 19:11:06: As I was walking to the bus, I saw a Buddhist monk walk out of the door of the Cathedral, turn, and bow toward the building. Much moved.

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One Response to “From Twitter 03-06-2011”

  1. bigmacbear says:

    I appreciate your use of the term “enthronement” for the ceremony you attended. The Episcopalians tend to refer to those as “installation” ceremonies. At least one cleric famously said “Toilets are installed. Bishops are consecrated.”

    Also, I may have mentioned the weekend I spent Friday helping install a network switch and Saturday helping install a bishop. 😉