From Twitter 03-27-2011

  • 13:00:47: Not heard from the Hospital Admissions Dept. yet. Afraid they may have taken me off the list. Crumbs.
  • 14:08:54: @tawanTEO Oh, I think you’re as good as anyone and perhaps even better than most!
  • 14:18:40: @tawanTEO You’re welcome!
  • 14:43:24: RT @crime_economist: Profile of a MD prison librarian
  • 15:03:32: RT @mariocruzxxx: Help sometimes comes from unexpected places << Amen, brother!
  • 16:37:42: Just got the call. I’m to be at the hospital at 7 pm. Thank goodness.
  • 17:17:57: @jonk We’ll get you a straw for your teeth and some chewing tobacco. All you’ll need is a farmer’s tan and the image will be complete!
  • 17:23:03: @jonk Mentioning chewing t*b*cc* seems to have attracted a troll pushing smoking cessation devices. Faugh.
  • 18:10:40: OK, I’m off. See you later.
  • 19:15:47: @jonk we will want pics, you know…
  • 22:53:20: RT @Traphik Ohh and just to clarify for my UK peoples, no I’m not in England right now. But I might be soon! Stay tuned!<< Great! London?

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One Response to “From Twitter 03-27-2011”

  1. momshapedbox says:

    Thinking of you today. Hope all went well.

    Waiting to hear good news!