Another picture and my 4-day weekend

In order to keep our Bess happy, here’s another picture of me, smiling (I don’t know whether it’s a Fozzie smile or not, whatever that is…).

It’s Friday, the first day of my four-day weekend. I find that even with two extra days the weekend is still too short. Today I need to finish the laundry (fold the previous one, hang the new one), get a hard drive ready for a friend, go to the gym, go to the friend’s place for a massage and some PC fixing, then get home ready to greet HWMBO as he comes home from a long day of toil. Then the regular two days, during which I’ll have to wash, starch, and iron a bag of altar linens, go to a meeting at Southwark Cathedral of Lay Chairs (of whom I am one, for Southwark and Newington Deanery), Rural Deans, and Methodist area chairs in order to work out how we’ll coexist together when the union agreement happens. The Methodists are almost wiped out in England so they needed to find a partner fast–however, since the C of E doesn’t allow woman bishops, the Methodists, who are not “episcopal” but do have women in positions of high authority, are going to have to come to an agreement with us on how that would work. Then Sunday St. Matthew’s at the Elephant, of course, followed by a lazy afternoon of vegging without which I’d be shattered. Monday I have a business meeting down in Hayward’s Heath with some old chums; all of us are investigating the feasibility of offering consulting and auditing services for ISO9001:2000 (and other ISO standards) to small businesses. Tuesday it’s back to the same old saltmine.

So why am I smiling?

2 Responses to “Another picture and my 4-day weekend”

  1. besskeloid says:

    I don’t know whether it’s a Fozzie smile or not, whatever that is…

    One that makes you resemble a lovable Muppet bear who tells corny jokes & goes “Wacka wacka”. Excellent pic, Mister! (Even with the Trawna Panda elbowed out of the way.)

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    There is an exhibition of comical panda photography in the mezzanine of Piccadilly Circus Underground station. I need to take some pictures for Ailuropoda melaneuca torontinensis before he visits as it’ll be gone shortly.