Ho hum…useless hereditary monarch-to-be to marry

The airwaves in the UK are crackling with the news that Prince Charles is to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles in April. Civil ceremony, so no Anglican fuss about remarriage of divorced persons in church. The news reports all imply that the fact that he’s divorced is the problem. It’s not. It’s that her former husband is still living.

Ho-hum. She’ll become a duchess, he’ll be legal, the Archbishop of Canterbury will bless the pair, and all’s well that ends well, I guess.

I wonder if she’ll start opening things and christening ships and such. When Brenda kicks the bucket, she’ll become the Princess Consort. Everyone’s wondering about that, but when he’s King he can issue a decree that will call her anything he likes.

I’m in favour of HRH Princess Horseface, myself.

6 Responses to “Ho hum…useless hereditary monarch-to-be to marry”

  1. rsc says:

    The news reports all imply that the fact that he’s divorced is the problem.

    You mean, they figure nobody’s noticed that the ex-wife is, like, no longer around?

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    No, they just know that both of them are divorced and don’t make it clear that he’s free to marry in an Anglican church but she is not (without further formalities that I won’t bore you with).

  3. markatsea says:

    I’m sorry but the word Consort does not dredge any positive images. I think of the middle eastern kings with their many wives. See also: Member of a harem, A whore, someone sleeping with a married person. A consort.

    Ok, hope all else is well, there is still that off chance that Wills comes to his senses, moves to The States, gets a proper boyfriend (me perhaps) and throws a wonderful wrench into the monarchy once and for all.

  4. rsc says:

    I note that she isn’t going to get to be called “Princess of Wales”. It would have seemed to me that that came automatically to being married to the Prince of Wales, but times have changed, I guess.

  5. chrishansenhome says:

    The late Queen Mother was Queen Consort when George VI was alive. It just means the spouse of a monarch.

    I gather Wills has quite a basket, has been cut, and is rampantly heterosexual. And Harry is just as heterosexual, so even if Wills goes and marries you in Massachusetts (from my lips to God’s ears, of course) Harry and his issue would still succeed when Wills succumbs to an excess of wild sex. Liz has provided the Royal Family with lots of choice when it comes to heirs. And as for wrenches, they’ve had quite a few in the last 40 years, starting with sister Meg’s fling with a DIVORCED MAN!! Imagine!

  6. chrishansenhome says:

    The newspapers today say that she will automatically get that title, but will not use it. I wonder. With our wonderful unwritten Constitution anything is possible.