The postman always gets his dictator

Deutschepost is really on the ball, as a postcard addressed to Hitler is finally delivered to the Bundestag, 60 years too late to catch him alive. The best quote is this:

Deutsche Post marked on the card that the address was incorrect and that the unidentified sender should be informed.

Without referring to Hitler directly, it added future mail should be sent to the German Bundestag, or Parliament.

The letter was stamped with, “Mail corrected due to insufficient address – please alert sender. Ascertained address: Deutsche Bundestag, 11011 Berlin,” according to the German DPA press agency.

I wonder who actually sent it….was it a dinner invitation from the Duke of Windsor? Perhaps a billet doux from Sir Oswald Mosely.

Deutschepost remarked that it had no right to remove mail from the system just because the addressee was dead.

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