Joblessness may be coming to an end Chez Hansen and Tan

I sent an email out to my former boss, who had arranged to bring me back for a while as a contractor, reminding him that I couldn’t remain available forever. This seems to have done the trick, as I have to call him today to work out the arrangements for my triumphant return as a contractor. I also have to arrange for my umbrella company to bill my chum Steve for my services and pay me my pittance, less tax and etc. I was so enjoying my freedom.

In fact, it will probably be something like 5 days per month. However, that will be net fairly good money and might allow me to do something else with the other 25 or so days a month, such as education. It would be nice to have a graduate degree in something interesting.

I’m still trying to atone for lying down on the job when I was an undergraduate, I suppose.

3 Responses to “Joblessness may be coming to an end Chez Hansen and Tan”

  1. spwebdesign says:

    Congrats on the employment! 🙂

  2. markatsea says:

    Sometimes lying down on the job gets you head (ahead) at work. hehe.

    Good Luck with it all.

  3. chrishansenhome says:

    Unfortunately I was a virgin until long after I left university, so no lying down on the job at university got me any head whatsoever