I hope it’s not Ratzinger

White smoke and bells mean a new Pope.

If it’s Ratzinger we’re all down the spout.

6 Responses to “I hope it’s not Ratzinger”

  1. spwebdesign says:
  2. spwebdesign says:

    I’m glad we agree on Ratzinger. Can’t wait for the new guy to arrive at the window. My money’s on Mariaga.

  3. spwebdesign says:

    Spout, here we come. 🙁

  4. phornax says:

    On the bright (?) side, Ratzinger may meet his own reward in a few short years. I mean, what were they *thinking*? The man is 78 years old, and only two years shy of being disqualified from the college to elect the pope!

  5. spwebdesign says:

    Yeah, I didn’t think he or Martini (the polar opposite to Ratzinger amongst the cardinals) would be considered viable candidates because of their age. I thought for sure they’d go with someone in his mid- to late-sixties and from the developing world, either Latin America or Africa.

  6. chrishansenhome says:

    It was always in the cards that an older guy would be elected. No one wanted another 26-year reign (or more). It’s even possible that Ratzinger said that he’d retire at 80 or if he got a serious medical condition.

    He’ll restock the College of Cardinals, piss off all the liberals, all those in the Third World, and all those who remember the Hitler Youth.