The quack says….

Went to the quack this morning, very fearful that my sphincter control would not be very good. Managed to get there and home without an accident.

The quack said that she thought I most likely had caught giardia. However, she needed a stool sample (which I provided later) for lab tests. I persuaded her to give me the antibiotic for giardia; after the lab report, she might change the antibiotic to one more suited to whatever parasite I’ve picked up. Let’s hope that she got it right this time as she says that I should be feeling better within 24 hours if she is right.

Meanwhile, I’ve had a good conversation with the other course presenter and it looks like we may be doing some more work–thankfully in the UK at first, so that I don’t pick up any unwanted guests.

6 Responses to “The quack says….”

  1. besskeloid says:

    I thought Giardia was a Mediterranean resort.

  2. spwebdesign says:

    I picked up giardia once in Panam

  3. keith_london says:

    Hope you get better soon. if I ever visit India, I think I’ll take along some packed meals! (only kidding) 🙂

  4. chrishansenhome says:

    Well, to be frank, I thought the food was good. As giardia has (according to the ‘net resources I consulted) a 7-day incubation period, I suspect that the one chicken dish I had was the one that was responsible, and not the drink I had on Thursday afternoon. That, of course, does not mean that one should go around indiscriminately eating and drinking whatever’s around. Take 2 litres of mineral water, and use that for brushing teeth and drinking the first day or two. Do not rinse the brush under the tap. The local brands (Coke’s is “Kinley”, Pepsi’s “Aquapura”) of mineral water are OK as long as the bottlecap hasn’t been opened. Try to eat vegetarian if possible, except don’t eat salads or fruit and veg that are uncooked (in case they’ve been washed in the local H2O). Eating vegetarian is fairly easy in India, and rather tasty. Don’t use your left hand for dipping the paratha bread into the dal (personal hygiene is normally conducted left-handedly by Indians). Being left-handed I found this a chore.

    You might want to take along snacks such as chocolate bars (well wrapped), boiled sweets, and the like. They aren’t normally obtainble (at least in the hotel). Trail mix might also be good.

    Watch out for people trying to carry your luggage into or out of the airport. Brush them off firmly. Carry small denomination notes for tips: 10 rupees are good to have around. 50 is good for more substantial tips, and I tipped drivers who went out of their way to assist 100 rupees (which is about

  5. chrishansenhome says:

    Um, I think that was Luce Stulia, or perhaps the Immodium Spa.

    Only reached through the Straits of Lou.

  6. whole9yards says:

    Hey there, long time!
    Sorry I have been sooo busy lately. So busy that I didn’t have time to read journal entries, hense I didn’t even know you were going to India, and now you are back! Anyway, I hope your giardia’s getting better. It sounds kinda awful. Didn’t you go with WaiLiang?
    I got myself a lawyer to represent my stuff in the end, and the visit to the PEO is scheduled for 5th August. fingers crossed!
    Hey, thanks again man for all your advice and helps! I really appreciate it!