Interview with Iranian gay activists

There is an interview with Iranian gay activists behind this link. It’s an interesting look at the situation over there, in particular the recent hanging of two gay Iranian teenagers.

4 Responses to “Interview with Iranian gay activists”

  1. vasilatos says:

    We did theocracies in school recently. Rough going.

  2. sandor_baci says:

    — but for those whose service providers screen out “sex-associated” websites, cut-and-pasted text is better. I wish I could have followed the link!

  3. chrishansenhome says:

    Well, sorry about that. However, I have no way of knowing who is in the situation you’ve found yourself in, and I normally believe in posting links rather than text as it reduces clutter. There are other places around that have quoted the entire text, and I think one of them might be on my friends page. So you might look at my friends page if you’re interested in following this up.

  4. sandor_baci says:

    I was just whingeing. Off to your “friends” page now, and thanks for the tip.