From the “Travel Insider”

who is in New Zealand at the moment, this story (which is probably apocryphal, but funny nonetheless):

“The flight had taken off a couple of minutes previously, and the captain came onto the intercom and gave his usual welcome speech, telling passengers how long their flight would be, when they’d land, and the other routine information. He finished, and there was a click-ick noise. He’d turned off the PA switch, but it had fallen back on again and his microphone remained live.

“The pilot turned to his co-pilot and said ‘I’m so bored. My third Auckland Wellington flight today. You know what would really make this flight perfect?

“An unintelligible sound from the co-pilot was heard, and the pilot continued ‘First, I’d like a pitcher of cold beer. And then; that new blonde flight attendant. I need to initiate her into the mile high club.’

“The blonde flight attendant turned bright red, unbuckled herself from her seat and rushed up to the cockpit to tell the captain the microphone was still live. A little old lady in an aisle seat turned to her and said in a kindly voice ‘There’s no need to hurry, dear. He’s probably still drinking his beer.'”

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2 Responses to “From the “Travel Insider””

  1. kingbitch says:

    I MISS NZ 🙁

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    I’ve never been…perhaps the next time I’m in Sg I’ll take a couple of weeks and try it.