Biblical interpretation and “The Cat Sat on the Mat”

For many years now, there’s been a satire around on the Church of England and how it would treat “The Cat Sat on the Mat” if it appeared in the Bible. The satire appeared again in a venue which I follow, but I thought it needed some updating to take into account current Anglican thinking on Biblical scholarship and the burning questions that are exercising the Church these days. So I wrote four more paragraphs on the subject. I posted it here and would be delighted if you’d all go read it (unless Anglicanism bores you, in which case go in peace to love and serve the Lord).

One Response to “Biblical interpretation and “The Cat Sat on the Mat””

  1. spwebdesign says:

    I admit most of it, being unfamiliar with the particulars of Anglicanism, was beyond my understanding. This, however, I found particularly amusing: “If he were allergic, what would that mean to the doctrine of the dual nature of Christ, especially in regards to the possibility of God being allergic to part of His creation?”