Today’s Religious URL

Why is it that, rather than reveal themselves in human form, God, the Virgin Mary, and the saints seem to be fixated on appearing in foodstuffs? The latest Mary-on-a-snackfood story is here.

5 Responses to “Today’s Religious URL”

  1. fj says:

    They’d be killed.

  2. phornax says:

    How did you survive, then? Drag make-up with a built-in force field?

  3. fj says:

    I know it os hard to believe, but the pople who saw me in the flesh actually realized I was not Her.

  4. phornax says:

    Maybe it was just that they knew you weren’t a Virgin.

    PS – the “virgin” in “Virgin Mary” is a mistranslation for the Aramaic word for “young woman.” Hence 2000 years of confusion.

  5. thaaang says:

    Note to self – JetBlue airlines caters to religious fanatics.