My Hansen grandmother

On my website I talk a bit about my family background. My grandmother, Alice Fredericka Westman Adams Hansen Phillips (tra la!) was born in Buffalo, Wyoming in September 1888. I would estimate that this picture was taken between 1905 and 1908. In the lower right-hand corner (invisible in the scan) is embossed “The Fuller Studio, Sheridan, Wyo.”

Her father was a drunkard and a horse thief. Oddly enough for those times, he was not hanged for it. But when I told my father that he was a horse thief, Dad laughed and said, “Did they hang him high?” I answered: “You really shouldn’t joke about it: they named you after him.” His name was Orin James Westman and his wife, Mary Dawson, divorced him and married John Adams (no, not that one). She married my grandfather after corresponding with him because their teachers knew each other. She moved to Marblehead, and when my grandfather died in the late 1930’s, she married Mahlon Phillips, an engineer with the Boston and Maine whose usual run was Boston to Portland. He died in the early 1960’s, and she moved to live with her daughter and son-in-law in Alabama, where she died in 1979, aged 90.

2 Responses to “My Hansen grandmother”

  1. mango_king says:

    I love old photos. So, you are part cowboy taking into account your Wyoming heritage and all. 😉

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    I suppose…I was bitten by a horse once.

    I still have relatives out there (distant cousins) as my grandmother had a brother out there. My great grandmother came from Ontario and I think that my great grandfather was from Pennsylvania originally but ended up out there in Wyoming.

    I’ve never been there, but since I don’t drive, it wouldn’t be particularly easy to get there and do anything. I’d have to learn to ride a horse.

    And after being bitten, I’m a bit unsure about that…