Right-click on drive icon in My Computer hangs the program

Got a problem that I’ve been researching today. I’ve discovered that when right-clicking on a drive icon in My Computer (or looking for “Properties” of a drive in Disk Management in “Computer Management”), the activity hangs, and I have to use the Task Manager to stop My Computer, with the ultimate effect of having to reboot.

One set of advice I got from googling indicated that some of the additional right-click context menu items may be screwing this up, so I removed them all with a tool whose name I forget, rebooted, and of course that didn’t fix the problem.

I’m running XP SP2 with 3GB RAM and all the latest updates. I’ve got a sh*tload of external drives, all of which show up in My Computer. This started a couple of months ago but I haven’t been able to pin down exactly when, or what I added that might have screwed things up.

So, if anyone’s got bright ideas about this, or could point me to someplace where I could get some further assistance, I’d be most grateful.

2 Responses to “Right-click on drive icon in My Computer hangs the program”

  1. abqdan says:

    Have you recently mapped to a remote drive that is not currently available? Windows will spend a long time searching for absent network drives, so if that’s the case, remove the mapping for those drives.

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    Sorry, I kind of missed out replying to your kind suggestion. Unfortunately, I haven’t mapped anything to remote drives on the network. There are two printers connected up to the network via Ethernet, but of course, they aren’t seen as drives, as far as I am aware. Removing the right-click context menu items did not fix the problem. I am now officially stumped and will do some more investigation in Google today.

    Thanks again for helping out.