Today’s stupid URL

A while back a Christian lady who worked for BA was dismissed for refusing to remove a cross which hung from a chain around her neck. Now another religious lady, this time a Hindu, has been dismissed from a catering company based at Heathrow Airport for refusing to remove her nose stud. This is allegedly on health and safety grounds.

I wonder whether these geniuses in HR and management ever read the newspapers, listen to the radio news, or watch TV news.

I’m also wondering how this lady’s nose stud could possibly contaminate the food with which she works. Enquiring minds, in this case, definitely do not want to know.

3 Responses to “Today’s stupid URL”

  1. thaaang says:

    Don’t want to know? Too bad.

    I had a frenum piercing (one of those cow-lead rings) for a while, and in winter, one’s nose runs. I’d always discover strands of snot hanging off the end of my jewelry when I was running around outside in the cold. At the time, I was working at Subway, and one day my ring dripped a dollop of snot into the meatballs. Was unsure of what to do, so I just stirred it in.

    I removed the thing shortly thereafter, and while I sometimes wish I hadn’t, it was the practical thing to do.

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    I’m never eating at Subway again.

    I wonder if the placement and style of your nose ring differed from that of this lady. Married Hindu women generally place a very small stud in the side of their nostril. It’s normally smaller than an ear stud and doesn’t protrude very much.

    However, point taken and if it comes up again in the press I’ll cite your experience (anonymously, of course) as an example of poor hygiene to see whether there is a difference in nose jewelry.

  3. thaaang says:

    Mine was a piercing through the divider between the 2 nostrils, so yeah, different placement (and well DUH about Hindu women’s piercings, btw) that made it particularly likely that post-nasal drip would be an issue. But I imagine the same thing would be possible for regular nose studs – once the snot’s on the back of the jewelry, you no longer feel it there.

    And poor hygiene! I’m so offended! Although it was singularly disgusting.