Departing on a cold day in London

I presume I’ll be arriving on a cold night in Massachusetts. There is frost on the grass in the back garden and frost on the roof of the church. The thermometer hasn’t risen above 0 C today (it was close to -1 when I got up this morning) and the house was 17 C at 5:30am. I’m sure none of these temperatures are astoundingly cold to you Americans who have been going through rough weather lately, but they’re pretty cold for us Brits, especially in London where it rarely goes anywhere near zero C.

I have to shower and then pack. I’m leaving the house around 1:30 pm for a 5:55 pm flight. I hope that’s enough. I will be writing to you from Massachusetts next, I hope.

2 Responses to “Departing on a cold day in London”

  1. mrpandabehr says:

    Have a safe trip here to the USA.

  2. rsc says:

    Good luck. We’re supposed to get Real Snow this ewvening.