I’m in Marblehead…

…and boy, am I annoyed. The plane trip itself wasn’t too bad. The security line at Heathrow ran as smoothly as those things do, and I got into the loung area in plenty of time to have a coffee and buy a few things. The plane took off almost on time. The food on the flight was lousy, of course, and American Airlines does’t have on-seat movies; you still have to watch a screen suspended from the ceiling.

So we landed about 15 minutes late in Boston. It was snowing, and was just stopping. There were 10 inches on the ground. The pilot informed us that there were no arrival gates open as all the planes were being de-iced and we thus had noplace to go to. We waited for 1-1/2 hours on the taxiway before a gate became free. Then, the fun began.

Normally the US citizens line at Logan is pretty quick. Last night there were a lot of returning Americans, and only three agents on duty. I waited in a queue for an hour before I got through to the baggage area, where they were just starting to disgorge the baggage onto the belt. It was now close to 11:30 pm and I was sure my brother had given up, as I couldn’t get hold of him. Luckily, he’d parked his truck and come into the terminal building (the original plan was that I should call him when I got out of the baggage area and he’d swoop by.

Well, I was wearing Crocs (easy on-off when you have to have your shoes x-rayed) and I had to struggle through 10″ of snow. Ouch! We got home around quarter to twelve, and I collapsed into bed.

So, I’m here. Will be contacting the locals as soon as I can to set up meetings and such, but the fact that another blizzard is scheduled for Sunday doesn’t make me hopeful. I may be snowed in during much of my time here.

4 Responses to “I’m in Marblehead…”

  1. alwaysroom4gelo says:

    welcome back to the US!

  2. spwebdesign says:

    I’m glad you were able to make it in, despite the hassle. With all the posts I was reading about the storm, I thought for sure your plane would be diverted elsewhere less snowbound.

  3. mrpandabehr says:

    Glad you made it here in one piece.

  4. smlee4 says:

    seems that your days are filled with travelling… cool…