He finally admitted it

Well, Pastor Ted finally admitted sexual immorality (as he sees it). I feel very sad for him, his family, and especially his 5 children; his deception has dropped them all right into it. Very very sad.

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  1. trawnapanda says:

    from the Beeb’s report of his letter to the congregation:

    “There is a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark and I’ve been warring against it my entire adult life,” the letter said.

    This is the saddest part of it all. That he should think that being gay is vile, repulsive and dark; and thus by extension that he himself is vile, repulsive and dark. I’ve met far too many people — and I know you have too — who have been dumped on by society in general, and churches in particular, being told that homos are scum of the earth. This is far too often how it comes out — someone who lives a split life, who sees himself as deeply flawed, and hates that — and hates himeself.

    All sorts of disastrous acting out happens, sometimes of the escape to drugs and pay-for-sex in one compartment (that you can pretend doesn’t happen) of life. And the wages of that sin is crushing guilt. Too often it comes out in nastiness to other homos. And think of all that energy that is expended in maintaining the closet, keeping the compartmentalisation going, and the warring within himself.

    Far too often such people as Pastor Ted end up getting married, on the (mistaken) belief that marriage will “cure” them. It doesn’t, and the spouse (and children) end up downwind of the fan.

    THIS is why the closet is awful.

    [oh yes — Ship of Fools has just published a mystery worshipper report of Pastor Ted’s church – visited on Pastor Ted’s 50th birthday.]

  2. gmjambear says:

    At first, I felt “he is getting what he deserves.” A few days later, I was surprised that I started to feel a little bit sorry for him and the situation he has put himself and his family through. I concur with ‘s response.

    In addition, after reading the Ship of Fools link, I said to that the only services that I ever felt welcomed was D-I Rochester and the occasional services I attended in Rochester and Seattle (both episcopal churches).