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From Twitter 03-30-2010

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
  • 11:02:42: Today’s Religious-Themed Video: . Warning: Do not drink coffee while watching this at your keyboard.
  • 16:09:47: @GaySkyHooker glad to hear you’re back safe and sound.
  • 16:12:15: Preach it, Sister! RT @seasontaylor: websites with unexpected music make me irrationally angry.
  • 16:47:45: @jerricklim @soveren I know that _I_ do…
  • 16:48:32: @jonk oh dear…stains can be so revealing…
  • 16:50:18: @soveren hope that you move on to someone new and exciting…
  • 19:12:50: @soveren @jerricklim I’m afraid the bialys did not come out very well. I shall do more ‘net research and try harder next time. Bagels, maybe
  • 20:40:17: @mariocruzxxx Hi mario…what’s new and exciting?
  • 23:15:13: Zombies without licenses… RT DentonPolice: – 03/30/2010 16:35:12 | 25 years old | Bond: $719 | DPD WARRANT/DWLI
  • 23:16:24: Time’s not been kind to Bradley RT DentonPolice: – 03/30/2010 16:57 | 38 yo | POTTER CO SO/FTA
  • 23:21:11: @jonk someday one of those “looking for a solution” boxes will actually find one. I will plotz when that happens.

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Today’s Zombie Post…

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

I happened to tweet to someone (hi, @jonk!) that Herb Caen always used to refer to San Francisco as “The City”, and people who call it “Frisco” are probably from Los Angeles.

…Well, today I got the following message from Twitter:

Herb Caen (HerbCaen) is now following your tweets on Twitter.

…Herb Caen died in 1997, aged 80.

…I hate bots.

…but I followed “him” anyway.

From Twitter 03-29-2010

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
  • 14:49:21: @tsinkoy Thanks. I’m trying but it difficult. We will see how it goes next week.
  • 14:50:10: @BryanthePanda I’m not aware of all the history behind your interactions with these people, I’m afraid. Can you tell me some more via email?
  • 14:55:32: Today’s YouTube song, courtesy of @stephenfry: It may be opaque to USans but think “National Enquirer”.
  • 16:19:13: @jonk You can always tell a newcomer/tourist in SF when they refer to it as “Frisco”. “The City” was the way Herb Caen referred to SF.
  • 16:19:47: Will be baking bialys tomorrow; the dough is in the fridge aging as we speak.
  • 16:41:58: My neighbour’s kids smoke quite a bit and the smell penetrates the walls. I’m feeling ill because of it…
  • 17:08:47: Radio 4 MW just cut off in mid-interview…
  • 17:09:51: But I, for one, am very pleased indeed! RT @Blk_Prynce: #IMFROMTEAM gay sorry ladies
  • 17:11:16: #IMFROMTEAM Twitter is a great time-suck…
  • 17:26:21: @soveren i think it was just another BBC cock-up…
  • 17:26:59: @tug I knew that, but figured it was an aberration.
  • 17:41:15: @Naoij I hated Fleet when I worked there 10 years ago. Sorry that you got that hate.
  • 19:04:28: @Naoij no, indeed. I haven’t even been through there on the express train since then.
  • 21:58:13: RT @texasnate: RT @joeyguerra Ricky Martin is gay. In other news, plants need water.
  • 22:03:47: Ooo! I forgot to get a drivers licence! RT DentonPolice: – 03/29/2010 08:09 | 20 yo | NO DRIVERS LICENSE
  • 22:28:39: Must have something to do with Easter bird gifts… RT @angelcruzin: wierdest desire to have sex with a chick lol
  • 22:45:35: RT @TheBlackoutBlog: Why couldn’t Ricky Martin come out when he was still hot. #whoamikidding #idtotallydohim
  • 23:13:49: OK, tweeps and peeps, say goodnight, Gracie.

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From Twitter 03-28-2010

Monday, March 29th, 2010
  • 08:05:56: Morning, tweeps and peeps. Was absent yesterday, I’m afraid. Now having breakfast and thinking about palms…
  • 17:37:45: @Zulq Twitter is very eccentric so it does forget things. When they get monetised they’ll have the resource to fix it, I hope…
  • 18:05:27: @BryanthePanda I haven’t been a fucking homosexual for a long time…you can chat with me!
  • 18:35:12: @BryanthePanda communication over the ‘net is very hard. and some people play games with it.
  • 18:35:51: @BryanthePanda remember that, like the TV, the internet has an “off” switch and just ban or ignore these people, if you can.
  • 18:38:46: @BryanthePanda oh goodness. i’m sorry. i hope you can deal with them appropriately. if i can help please don’t hesitate.
  • 22:30:25: RT @bengoldacre: Imagine living somewhere this is actually useful: via @greatdismal
  • 23:15:31: Well, tweeps and peeps, time for bed. I hope I can sleep tonight…it’s hard to sleep with this cast on my foot…

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From Twitter 03-26-2010

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

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Feet yet again

Friday, March 26th, 2010

I went to the foot clinic this morning wearing my air cast. When the podiatrist took off my dressings, he said, “The ulcer has gotten bigger. I think we need to put your foot in a cast.” A real cast. So, after a while I left the foot clinic with a cast nearly up to my knee. I’m not wild about it (I almost had to slit my jean leg to get my leg out of them) but there seems to be no alternative. As the professor said to me, “We don’t have a diabetic problem any more, it’s a mechanical problem.” Immobilisation is the only alternative.

So, I hobbled home, went to the church drop-in, and then to Tesco’s to pick up stuff for dinner. The bean and ham soup is cooking now, and I’m just sitting down trying to get used to the cast. The bottom of my left foot is pretty sore, with a searing pain every couple of minutes on the left-hand side.

They said to come back in two weeks and they’d look at the bottom of the cast. If it was soaked, or if I was in pain, they’d take the cast off. Otherwise, it’s apt to be on for a month, I think.

I am so depressed I can’t tell you…

From Twitter 03-25-2010

Friday, March 26th, 2010

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From Twitter 03-24-2010

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

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From Twitter 03-23-2010

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
  • 00:02:08: @shrinik at Earls Court there are two platforms either way, so there can be two next trains. that’s why it’s used there. Idiomatic!!!
  • 00:02:42: @shrinik i need to look at a map first then i can answer the metropolitan line question.
  • 00:04:11: @shrinik Look at the wikipedia entry for Upton Park tube station: Hammersmith & city once Met. Line:
  • 00:06:08: @shrinik Upton Park used to have two platforms just as Earls Court does. That’s why “1st train” is used.
  • 00:06:37: @shrinik The Hammersmith and City Line used to be part of the Metropolitan Line. That’s why the sign is there.
  • 00:14:41: @shrinik Indeed. There is a lot of inaccurate signage in the Underground. We are used to it but it confuses non-natives/tourists.
  • 00:17:13: @shrinik A sign of the Bakerloo Line in the Elephant & Castle Sta. showed the line ending @ Watford Junction yrs after it stopped gng there.
  • 00:18:39: Well, tweeps and peeps, almost time for bed. See y’all tomorrow.
  • 08:27:15: @jonk I saw a box of said sprinkles in Tesco’s yesterday. Had I known I would have bought it and sent it along…
  • 08:29:03: @pixeletory I wanna divorce my wife who doesn’t clean-every time I go to piss in the sink there are dirty dishes in it. #ControlAltDelete
  • 08:34:44: Morning, tweeps and peeps. Breakfast is coming up, dishonest MPs are found out, all in a new morning…
  • 10:16:34: @soveren I think they are just plain stupid.

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From Twitter 03-22-2010

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010
  • 17:19:32: Coaster, natch! RT @Naoij: I love presents but what I’m gonna do with that one?!
  • 17:20:09: I agree 100%! RT @Squibby_: RT @curlyvix: You know those people who speak with an American accent when they speak to American people? Cunts.
  • 17:21:52: @MikieFitch we want pictures if you give in to your feeling.
  • 17:26:25: @MikieFitch pictures of you succumbing to your urge just now at the bus stop…! 😉
  • 17:28:51: @MikieFitch About peeing before you left, Prince Philip says “Never pass up a chance to pee.” The only wise thing he ever said, too.
  • 17:29:57: Heart attack on a plate! RT @Squibby_: Success. *goes quiet for 10 mins*
  • 17:39:42: @MikieFitch so what I’m married…I like beauty wherever I find it.
  • 19:22:43: @MikieFitch Yeah, I want a perk. Gimme a perk! Pleeeeeaseeee????
  • 19:22:58: @BryanthePanda I love Popeye’s.
  • 19:23:59: Samantha Cameron is pregnant. Great for the election…the mum vote is assured.
  • 19:48:35: @therealgokwan I’ll chew on your bamboo shoot…
  • 22:29:46: @MikieFitch Come to London and you’ll find out… 😉
  • 22:30:23: @BryanthePanda they used to have excellent dirty rice, but i don’t know if they still sell it. I don’t think they do in Singapore but in US?
  • 22:55:35: The protective order was on a tub of ice cream RT DentonPolice: -03/22/2010 16:35| 27 y o|VIOL OF PROTECTIVE ORDER
  • 23:50:42: @shrinik On which station and platform was “1st train District Line” shown? If at Earls Court, it meant 1st train on that platform was Dist.
  • 23:54:02: @shrinik If there are trains from more than 1 line, then “1st train District Line, 2nd train Piccadilly Line” could be true. (cont.)
  • 23:54:44: @shrinik “Next train Dist. Line” then begs question “what is the train after that?” “next next train?”
  • 23:56:15: @shrinik “1st train” means “1st train to arrive at platform after this time.”
  • 23:59:43: @shrinik well, it’s like “Mind the gap!” That’s British English and that’s how we speak. Like Indian English “Do the needful”. Idiomatic.

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Headwear of teh now

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

I don’t seem to be able to embed this, but just watch.

Happy birthday, <lj user=”akil”>&#8230;

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

…and many happy returns of the day!

From Twitter 03-21-2010

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
  • 00:13:25: Well, goodnight tweeps and peeps. Must do my week’s pills before bed. Then get mentally ready to preach tomorrow.
  • 00:15:20: @jonk oic. it was in Latin & Greek a way to get words to fit the metre of poetry, which was so inflexible. cere-comminuit-brum fm Ennius.
  • 21:11:27: Sorry, mate. Hope the other side of yr bed perks up. RT @mariocruzxxx: Watching Twilight New Moon in bed! Alone. Boohoohoo #fb
  • 21:14:25: What’s a “woo girl”? RT @davidhoang: I keep attracting woo girls, LOL.
  • 21:15:21: RT @therealgokwan: At the service station and someone just screamed “there’s that cock wan from the tell!”.. I’m changing my name…
  • 21:28:32: @PlayboyAdonis You are very welcome! We await your tweets with great anticipation.
  • 21:40:13: @infernoxv Many Americans are amazingly ignorant about foreign countries and many don’t have a passport at all.
  • 23:38:54: @studfucker I suppose you could hob nob with people who tell you about their crap sex lives…would that help?
  • 23:40:18: @seismic007 Well, I can…there is no time appropriate for me to eat frosting any more…

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From Twitter 03-20-2010

Sunday, March 21st, 2010
  • 18:58:53: Cornbread’s in the oven, but the oven is crap so it’s not quite hot enough. Another 10 minutes or so, I think…
  • 23:14:40: Culinary adventures of the week
  • 23:25:12: @jonk One of my best professors in uni was a Greek prof named Helen Bacon. She upheld a gay man at Smith when he was threatened with firing.
  • 23:25:26: @jonk RIP Helen, BTW. She was in her 90’s.
  • 23:45:26: @jonk In her Greek class she asked for an English example of tmesis. “Far-fucking-out” was the reply, and we rolled in the aisles.
  • 23:47:06: My sermon for 5tn Sunday of Lent: Don’t read this if you’re going to St. John’s Larcom St. tomorrow.
  • 23:48:48: @jonk Goodness, someone who knows what “tmesis” is without looking it up. Congratulations!
  • 23:50:42: @jonk Look what came out from under the rock! RT @BritishRT: @chrishansenhome lolol all of our examples were more tame, usually involving
  • 23:51:35: @jonk I think it’s a ‘bot that retweets any tweet containing the word “bl**dy”. Some tweeters are just odd-fucking-balls…

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Tomorrow’s sermon

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

March 21, 2010 Fifth Sunday of Lent

Sermon delivered at St. John the Evangelist, 10 am.

Readings: Isaiah 43:16-21; Ps. 125; Philippians 3:8-14; John 8:1-11

Culinary adventures of the week

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

I mentioned on Facebook that I’d made cream of asparagus soup and steak with cream and sherry sauce last night. One of my Facebook friends (hi, Jeanne!) asked for the recipe for the soup. Well, I’ll give you both and some ventures into corn muffins and corn bread.

The secret behind asparagus in soups is to ensure that the entire woody stem (up to the green part) is removed. Otherwise, you will have a very fibrous soup. As for amounts, I’m pretty vague about those because I don’t usually measure much unless I’m baking, where measurement is key to success.

A couple (as many as you like, actually) of bunches of mature asparagus
One or two onions, sliced
A green bell pepper, chopped roughly
Perhaps three or four new potatoes, peeled and sliced
About a quart or a quart and a half of stock, either vegetable or chicken. DO NOT USE BEEF!
A tablespoonful of vegetable oil NOT OLIVE OIL!
1/2 pint of single cream (in the US=”light cream”) and some milk
A glug of dry sherry
Bouquet garni
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat the oil in your soup pot. Saut

From Twitter 03-19-2010

Saturday, March 20th, 2010
  • 00:10:56: Well, tweeps and peeps, I’m off to bed now. I really hate it when I lose something and turn the house upside down to find it…now to relax.
  • 18:50:32: The Episcopal Church has crossed the Rubicon
  • 20:57:06: @jonk Kumquat. I just wanted to see that word again.
  • 20:58:25: Made cream of asparagus soup, steak w/ pepper and sherry cream sauce, leftover colcannon, and green beans tonight. Keeping my man happy!
  • 21:02:45: @jonk But the word is so…evocative. Kumquat. All sorts of double-entendres attached to that word.
  • 21:04:15: William Hague is on Any Questions tonight. Therefore, I have turned it off.
  • 21:29:57: @mariocruzxxx I fancy, I really fancy. And they say that a little bit of what you fancy does you good.
  • 23:14:24: Good night, tweeps and peeps. Tomorrow blog post on my cooking, & writing my sermon for Sunday. Theme: He who has not sinned cast 1st stone.

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The Episcopal Church has crossed the Rubicon

Friday, March 19th, 2010

(I originally posted this to the Integrity Lightspeed email list. However, I think I want others to read it too.)

I have been reflecting on the current situation in regard to lesbian and gay clergy and bishops and the Anglican Communion. Mostly for my own clarity of mind I wanted to talk about recent events in the light of the wider picture.

The confirmation of Canon Glasspool as Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles will have a massive effect on the Episcopal Church as regards the confirmations process for episcopal elections.

First, it’s happened without any corporate arm-twisting or extensive public angst on the part of the bishops and Standing Committees. They just got on with their jobs. The circus that attended upon Gene Robinson’s confirmation at General Convention in 2003 was not present, and the Diocese of Los Angeles and the Episcopal Church just got on with it according to normal procedures. (NB: I think that 2003 was played absolutely correctly by the Diocese of New Hampshire under the circumstances of the time.)

Second, I believe that the replacement of apostate bishops and Standing Committees from San Joaquin, Pittsburgh, and Fort Worth reduced the number of negative votes considerably, along with reducing negative comment by bishops around the task before them.

Third, I believe that anomalies like the South Carolina confirmation of a few years ago are likely to become few. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! Iker’s confirmation was “fool me once”, now Lawrence’s confirmation is “fool me twice”. The confirmation process needs to be a tool to ensure that the Church is united in its episcopal leadership. It’s much more traumatic to have to depose bishops and reconstitute dioceses than it is to refuse consent.

The effects of Canon Glasspool’s confirmation internationally will be just as dramatic.

The wishy-washy response from the Archbishop of Canterbury is, of course, entirely within his personality and previous history. He realises now that, just as the Pope of Rome hath no authority within the dominions of the Monarch of the United Kingdom, the Archbishop hath no authority in former colonies of England. He will, of course, end up applying “sanctions” to the Episcopal Church, more in sorrow than in anger. These may include such items as keeping TEC out of the Primates meetings, the Standing Committee meetings, the Anglican Consultative Council meetings, and eventually the 2018 Lambeth Conference.

However, TEC should respond with sorrowful acceptance of all this. The good news is that a lot of people will now have clear dates in their diaries through not having to attend these bodies. The decision whether to continue TEC funding of international bodies in which it will have no voice is yet to come. I would counsel that funding that is directly connected with mission in the world should continue, while funding that is connected with propping up the institutions of the Anglican Communion ought to be, at the very least, re-evaluated. This would restore a proper balance and allow those funds to be applied at home to the mission of TEC in its provinces in the US and overseas.

The response from other countries will be interesting. I suspect that Canada, Scotland, or Australia may be the next provinces to elect lesbian or gay bishops, and the effect will be much less by that time. The poorer provinces may feel unsettled by all this but if the older provinces all have a stake in this the Anglican Communion will become a rump of the Church of England and the poorer provinces of Africa, Asia, and the Southern Cone.

And thus we come to the Windsor Report. It’s dead, just like Jacob Marley. Its ghost will haunt the deliberations of Anglicanism for a while yet, but now that TEC has pretty much indicated by its actions that it will not go along with it (I would be surprised if it even came up for a vote at GC 2012) there is no point in proceeding. I suspect that General Synod here in England will be consumed with talking about woman bishops for a while yet, and there have been powerful voices in that body that have said that it is impossible for GS to be tied to such an agreement in any case. In addition, the old Synod will be dissolved in July with elections being held in September/October this year. So Rowan Williams is boxed in–even his own province is finding it difficult to endorse Windsor.

So, finally, what will emerge? I think that conservative provinces will have a difficult time staying in formal communion with TEC and other more “liberal” provinces. It is possible that they will secede and form their own communion. I think that should this happen informal bonds of communication and communion will begin to form. Companion diocese arrangements (such as that between the Diocese of Southwark and dioceses in Zimbabwe) will continue even while formal bonds within the Anglican Communion are torn asunder.

Rowan Williams is now a broken Archbishop. His international standing has now been compromised. His moral authority in England has been eroding away for years as the C of E stands on the more conservative side of many social issues such as the place of lesbian, gay, transgender people in society and euthanasia for those who are terminally ill and likely to be in intractable pain during their decline. The general public is gradually pulling away from the C of E on these issues and increasingly, I think, sees the C of E and especially its Primate as oddities and throwbacks to an earlier, less complicated society. The bishops and archbishops in the House of Lords have seen their places under increasing threat in the past few years. I suspect that the wider question of House of Lords reform will continue for a while yet.

Rowan’s lack of easily-understood communication skills has made him a laughing stock in society. For all his faults, George Carey was easily understandable–a kind of a bluff old Colonel-Blimp type of archbishop whose writings (such as they are) and public statements are easily disgested and readily understood–even if one doesn’t necessarily agree with them. Rowan speaks like a Professor of Metaphysics at some University of Cloud Nine–it is nearly impossible to understand what he says unless you too have a doctorate of theology.

I expect that when the question of woman bishops is finally settled in 3 or 4 years’ time, an exhausted Rowan will then retire. This will give the new Archbishop an opportunity to settle in before the next Lambeth Conference. It will also give an energetic new Archbishop the task of keeping what’s left of the C of E together while women begin to be consecrated to the episcopate.

And I repeat my prediction: the current Bishop of Croydon, Nick Baines, is well positioned to become the next Archbishop of Canterbury. A son of the Midlands (he served his title in the Diocese of Lancaster under our recently-retired bishop of Southwark, Tom Butler, who then brought him down here first as an Archdeacon and then Bishop of Croydon to replace +Wilfred Wood, the first black bishop in the C of E), he is the communications person for the House of Bishops. He blogs, he tweets, he is very thoughtful (even if I don’t always agree with what he says). And, what is more, I understand that his diary has been cleared from June or July. This often precedes a move by a Bishop to another post. It would be unusual for a suffragan Bishop to be translated during an interregnum in the suffragan’s diocesan bishopric, but not unprecedented. In addition. Southwark is well-served by retired assisting bishops such as Lord Richard Harries, once of Oxford, and David Atkinson, once suffragan Bishop of Thetford and previously Archdeacon of Lewisham here in this diocese. We have one, Mark Wood, who is quite elderly but, as +Tom Butler once observed, “Put him in a taxicab and direct him to a parish and he’ll be able to do what needs to be done.” Baines would be well placed for Rochester, as he’s a broad-minded Evangelical. However, I suspect that he’s for the North at the moment and we will have to wait and see. As ++Rowan is Catholic in outlook (if not in temperament, except that he mistakes himself for Pope), the rule of Buggins’ Turn means that the next ABC is likely to be an Evangelical. Cue Bishop Nick, with 4 or 5 years of running a diocese under his belt. I’d be willing to bet some money on it.

At the end of all this long, long process, which began in the 1970’s (I believe) with an advertisement by Louie Crew, looking for like-minded Episcopalians who sought justice and equality for lesbians and gay men in the Church, we will have at least some Provinces of the Anglican Communion that fully practice that justice which they preach. I hope that I’ll be living in one of them.

From Twitter 03-18-2010

Friday, March 19th, 2010
  • 05:24:54: @urbanbohemian Chatroulette is _not_ about communication, it’s about flicking through channels to find some(one/thing) you like.
  • 05:28:45: @jonk I guess yr company has a fix-the-blame culture? Always good to get clients you won’t have to blame for f***-ups as they don’t make ’em
  • 05:43:35: Me neither… RT @danvesma: uhk… CAN. NOT. SLEEP.
  • 05:44:11: RT @heartsofspace: If you’re curious, the *full* story of Sunday’s outage on is up on our blog:
  • 05:47:47: @jonk I’ve never met sales and marketing people who are uncomplicated. They generally are like SNL’s Jane Curtin: “ignorant sluts”.
  • 05:50:23: @jonk I think I must tweet that again without the “@jonk” so that my adoring public can appreciate it! Then try to sleep!
  • 05:51:06: I’ve never met sales and marketing people who are uncomplicated. They generally are lke SNL’s Jane Curtin: “ignorant sluts”.
  • 05:52:43: Goodnight all, yet again. Perhaps I can now sleep, having caught up with you all…
  • 11:04:19: @Naoij Happy birthday to you X 2, happy birthday dear @Naoij, happy birthday to you!
  • 11:33:12: @Blk_Prynce I’m hungry…send them along. Used, I hope (the shorts, that is…)
  • 16:00:50: Have put our squirrel on cam for a Chinese MSN friend. She’s coming to the window for nuts. He and his roommate are fascinated.
  • 16:06:11: @soveren grey. there are no red squirrels in London. Closest ones are the Isle of Wight.
  • 16:14:09: @soveren well, they are toxic to reds as the greys have squirrel pox that kills reds. but as there aren’t any reds here, i guess they’ll do.
  • 16:14:27: Off for some coffee now and studying my lines for my installation as Master.
  • 19:23:21: Just found the notebook in which I took the Deanery Synod minutes in January, after tearing the house apart.

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Happy birthday, <lj user=”djyoshiki”>&#8230;

Friday, March 19th, 2010

…and many happy returns of the day. I know you’ve had a tough year, and you’ve been in my prayers and continue in my prayers. May this next year be a year of continual healing and a return to health for you. Much love and many hugs.

From Twitter 03-17-2010

Thursday, March 18th, 2010
  • 12:29:24: Morning, tweeps and peeps. Quiet day today. Kind of overcast but light. NO meetings at all today!
  • 12:35:10: @soveren No plans. Cooking duck for dinner, I guess. Quiet day for me. Maybe I’ll make colcannon to go with the duck for St. Pat’s Day.
  • 12:36:18: @soveren Sorry, you’ll have to move to the Archdeaconry of either Southwark or Lewisham & Greenwich to get money…
  • 14:28:15: @Blk_Prynce best of luck to u
  • 15:22:19: @Blk_Prynce great!
  • 18:02:57: RT @Airrun: wearing green but its just not visible
  • 19:12:19: YAY YAY YAY!!! RT @seashellseller: Glasspool receives consents
  • 21:06:16: @xenijardin Holy jumped-up Jebus…how is one supposed to eat that po’boy?
  • 21:15:32: @xenijardin hehehe…I love insalata caprese, so the bread will be just a minor distraction.

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Hooray for Bishop Glasspool!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

I suppose that if Groucho Marx were around he could sing the subject line!

The Office of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church has announced that Canon Mary Douglas Glasspool has received the necessary consents from Bishops with jurisdiction and Standing Committees. She will therefore be consecrated Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles on May 15th in Long Beach, CA. Coincidentally, the date is that of Long Beach Pride.

Canon Glasspool will be the first openly-Lesbian bishop in the Anglican Communion and the second openly-gay bishop after Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire.

There has been no announcement from Lambeth Palace, and no news items over here in England. I expect to hear something tomorrow on the Today program on Radio 4. If not, I’ll be very annoyed, as they made a big fuss about her election. His Grace the Most Rev’d Rowan Douglas Williams, DD, PC, by the Grace of God Archbishop of Canterbury, made a very po’faced press release in December after her election. I wonder what will be on the Lambeth Palace website tomorrow. Their Twitter account is @lambethpress, and I’ve subscribed.

I toyed with the idea of travelling to Los Angeles for the consecration, as I did for Gene Robinson’s consecration in 2003, but my feet and the fact that I’ll be hosting my brother here in London the previous week means that I doubt I’ll be able to swing it.

Cheers! Hooray! Just as with woman priests and bishops, soon the election and consecration of openly-gay and lesbian bishops will be seen as run-of-the-mill.

Today’s Healthcare URL

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

For a change, it’s not about my health, but about the struggle to keep one man alive after a diagnosis of kidney cancer—and how much it cost. I was in tears by the end.

From Twitter 03-16-2010

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010
  • 00:02:49: Good night, tweeps and peeps. I’m quite tired and not very emotional.
  • 12:14:10: morning, tweeps and peeps. nice sunny day here in london. diocesan meeting this afternoon, otherwise not busy at all…
  • 16:41:47: Back from my meeting. Gave away £18,000 to parishes for mission activity. Yay us!

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From Twitter 03-15-2010

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

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From Twitter 03-14-2010

Monday, March 15th, 2010
  • 00:03:39: well, will abandon y’all for the evening. 11:03 GMT here and time to hit the hay. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, now. Not a long list…
  • 08:30:21: @Sundayprogramme a Canadian friend nearly died of an asthma attack from incense in church.
  • 08:38:40: @therealgokwan Melatonin is the answer. Take it an hour before bed. Natural chemical to aid sleep.
  • 08:43:24: @nard Irish eggrolls and noodles? Did they dye them green?
  • 13:40:28: I shall be on my best behaviour tomorrow … RT @davidhoang: Beware the ides of March.
  • 14:35:59: RT @orrh: The story of a boy.
  • 14:39:41: @fj Thanks for the lovely flowers. Mother’s Day is difficult for florists so it’s even more appreciated. We were happy to assist.

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From Twitter 03-13-2010

Sunday, March 14th, 2010
  • 02:43:37: Both very handsome… (@mikiefitch)
  • 02:59:29: Well, tweeps and peeps…hope everyone is fine. Off to bed now…cya!
  • 16:07:54: My goodness, come and steal me away! RT DentonPolice: – 03/12/2010 21:08 | 17 years old | BURGLARY OF HABITATION
  • 16:16:12: Hm…failed his MOT? RT DentonPolice: – 03/13/2010 00:27 | 27 y o | Bond: $275 | EXPIRED INSPECTION CERTIFICATE
  • 16:18:43: He could violate my park anytime… RT DentonPolice: – 03/13/2010 01:07 | 18 years old | CITY PARK VIOLATION
  • 21:55:45: @BryanthePanda “This” being what, exactly? Sorry, I do wish that twitter threaded…
  • 22:03:49: @therealgokwan Joined the MileHighNippleTorture Club, I guess, no?
  • 22:13:01: RT @jonk: oy – srsly ppl, if i ever did chatroulette, this is what you’d see. so let’s save both of us the hassle.
  • 22:17:08: @soveren just looked natto up on Wikipedia. You can have my share, BTW.
  • 22:18:01: Kinda over the USans saying that daylight savings time starts tonight. NOT HERE, PEEPS!
  • 22:23:21: #YouDidntWantMeUntil the lottery cheque came in.
  • 22:25:47: @MikieFitch “Black Irish” are the descendants of mixtures between Spanish Armada sailors washed up on Ireland and Irish women…
  • 22:27:13: @pixeletory 99% of doctors who tried Camels preferred humans…
  • 22:32:07: Love it… RT @Blk_Prynce: Okay wat yall think
  • 22:33:14: @MikieFitch different kind of black Irish…you are good looking of course!
  • 22:35:58: @pixeletory it’s a rehash of an old Camel cigarette ad: 90% of doctors who tried Camels preferred them…
  • 22:36:21: @MikieFitch it’s a privilege!
  • 22:38:04: RT @SeanMcPheat: “Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly” Robert Schuller
  • 22:39:25: @MikieFitch digesting my dinner, listening to live365 smooth jazz, reading blogs, enjoying tweets. How about U?
  • 22:40:52: @pixeletory it’s really old, like 1950’s. fewer and fewer peeps remember cigarette ads in print and on TV and radio.
  • 22:44:11: @MikieFitch oh, not only how r U, where r U? I’m in London, England
  • 23:04:40: He should steal some Clearasil… RT DentonPolice: – 03/13/2010 15:48 | 28 years old | THEFT &lt;$1,500
  • 23:06:57: @MikieFitch oopsie! I’m originally American, from Mass. been here for 16 years and naturalised Brit…
  • 23:10:38: @MikieFitch got a job here. now the NHS keeps me here. Hope Ireland is out of recession when you move there…economy rots at the mo…
  • 23:11:16: @MikieFitch if your dad or your g’parents were Irish citizens you’re probably entitled to Irish citizenship too, BTW.
  • 23:22:46: @MikieFitch but you won’t be able to get a job there to be able to buy anything.
  • 23:23:25: @MikieFitch come to london and my husband and i will show you around.
  • 23:36:56: @MikieFitch the UK£ is getting cheaper by the minute. We have an extra room for friends too. I wish I had travelled when I was in univ.
  • 23:41:10: @MikieFitch i have foot problems that make travel stressful. also, i’m not working at the mo. have to get the husband to bankroll it. 🙁
  • 23:45:30: @Blk_Prynce very artistic photo…very photogenic guy.

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From Twitter 03-12-2010

Saturday, March 13th, 2010
  • 00:25:02: Well, back from Chapter meeting–installation. Wine was surprisingly drinkable, ritual interesting and well done…now to bed.
  • 12:24:04: back from the quack. more patches on my foot than Carter has little liver pills.
  • 16:25:05: waiting for friend Mark for coffee an’ muffins. i am exhausted. will i hope sleep much better tonight…

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From Twitter 03-11-2010

Friday, March 12th, 2010
  • 14:57:59: Afternoon, all. About to iron a shirt for a lodge meeting tonight…my life is so exciting…
  • 15:44:22: off to Chapter shortly…
  • 15:44:38: @jonk oh, keep waking up regularly, please!

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Today’s Music Video

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

I think it’s a safe bet that this musical ensemble will not be invited to perform in the Hansen-Tan household at Christmas. Thanks to the Improbable Research blog for this gem.

From Twitter 03-10-2010

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

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Today’s joke!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Pope Benedict and Tiger Woods die on the same day. Due to an admin mix up the Pope went to hell and Tiger went to heaven.

After checking, a clerk admits there’s an error, however it would be 24 hours before it can be rectified.

Pope Benedict tells Tiger: “Sorry about the mix up, Tiger!”

Tiger: “No problem!”

Benedict: “I am really anxious to get to heaven. All my life I have wanted to meet the Virgin Mary.”

Tiger: “You’re a day late.”

From Twitter 03-09-2010

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
  • 11:55:17: @Squibby_ first the latter, then the former. Easy-peasy.
  • 12:05:02: @jonk that should have been “drunk” but I’m certain you knew that. When I found out I told my dad. He said, “Did they hang him?” (continued)
  • 12:05:21: @jonk (continued) I said, “Don’t laugh, they named you after him.” which was the truth.
  • 13:55:54: @cemab4y Haven’t heard from you for a while. U ok?

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From Twitter 03-08-2010

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
  • 09:55:23: RT @LDN: The Prince Charles Cinema ponders illegal movie downloads (via @ebertchicago)
  • 09:55:53: Sorry to hear it. RT @jonk: i hate my job
  • 09:56:26: RT @TrevorWesley: Kids in the back seat cause accidents. accidents in the back seat cause kids.
  • 09:58:12: @GaySkyHooker Glad to hear you got there safely. Hope you have a great time and come back to us safely!
  • 10:22:20: Me too. Stay far, far away! RT @imhungup: OK Chat Roulette is scaring me,
  • 10:52:57: I hope not! My washing’s in it! RT @kathyclugston: Washing machine door has just fallen off #nearthekitchensinkdrama
  • 10:56:47: Good morning all! Nice sunny but very cold (0 degrees C) here in London. Hoping it’ll warm up a bit–I’d like to go out for a short stroll!
  • 18:48:24: @jonk Spring’s the time when passports often get applied for, so that peeps can take their summer vacations abroad…
  • 18:49:01: @jonk UK passport service updated systems in spring a few years ago, delays were horrible while system was fixed.
  • 21:07:25: @MrPandaBehr I didn’t find Avenue Q particularly funny. Just a personal opinion but thought I’d say something.
  • 21:09:42: @jonk My great-grandfather was a horse-thief and a drink in 1880’s Wyoming.
  • 21:12:19: Especially if you’re French, I suppose…RT @jerricklim: Nothing like Forgetting your French conjugations to make you feel stupid

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From Twitter 03-07-2010

Monday, March 8th, 2010

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From Twitter 03-06-2010

Sunday, March 7th, 2010
  • 00:00:00: @callummay anyway, money is tight in the Diocese and we’d be lucky to get a thimbleful of watered-down sherry.
  • 12:11:02: good morning all. nice lazy day today. out later with HWMBO to an art museum, tho which one I don’t know.
  • 18:36:25: @IvyBean104 slow day today. i’m wishing for spring to come–how about you?
  • 18:39:57: @IvyBean104 oh yes, i have a small garden and i am waiting for the daffodils. the chairs are ready for sitting in.
  • 21:16:23: @sjjh Some companies would put a handle on an anvil and call it portable. …
  • 23:51:28: i used to like #tang when it first came out, but after i moved to England i couldn’t get it so am now out of the #tang habit…
  • 23:54:58: night, all. time to retire.

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From Twitter 03-05-2010

Saturday, March 6th, 2010
  • 00:06:07: RT @bengoldacre: Interesting new editorial from the journal Vaccine on MMR, Wakefield and the media
  • 00:07:36: @jonk I once typed a MR rpt for a distiller. Every occurrence of “drunk” had to be changed to “consumed”.
  • 00:08:04: @jonk but “shickered”? Sounds like something you do with razors.
  • 00:10:59: RT @Naoij: What you are is inconsequential what you tweet is everything.
  • 16:22:18: RT @corfmeister The shop selling aquariums and tropical fish at back of BH has sign outside proclaiming “We have crabs downstairs”.
  • 19:43:49: @Sgboy01 well, perhaps you should have gotten him to leave it in you a bit longer…
  • 22:11:50: @hungskateboy I know, bake Alice B. Toklas brownies (otherwise known as hash brownies)
  • 23:37:05: @callummay Didn’t invite me either…and I’m on Bishop’s Council, Diocesan Synod, and am Lay Chair of my Deanery.
  • 23:58:39: @callummay hehehe…I think we are all waving him off at the train station with Matthew 27 v. 60b.

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A trip to Peru&#8230;

Friday, March 5th, 2010

…not mine, alas! The pictures are fantastic!

From Twitter 03-04-2010

Friday, March 5th, 2010
  • 00:01:55: Good night, tweeps and peeps. Time for bed.
  • 08:21:38: @jonk Good morning. Between you and me we probably are up 24 hours each day…sleep well.
  • 08:23:40: @jonk & you have a good night.
  • 08:34:52: @ErnieAtLYD You look a bit like a TV commentator.
  • 11:22:10: @Blk_Prynce great!
  • 14:31:15: @Blk_Prynce I’m doing just fine, you?
  • 15:54:59: I’m baking corn muffins at the moment.
  • 19:31:45: Gosh, the context must have been quite interesting… RT @jonk: used “skank-ass ho” in an email to my boss
  • 19:38:06: RT @urbanbohemian: Co-worker on phone loudly discussing what she’d like done w her remains. How’d she know I was about to kill her? Uncanny!
  • 19:42:25: If non-doms were prohibited from contributing to political parties, Labour would be worse off than the Tories. Labour has dirty hands too.
  • 20:00:42: @Mancman10 Well Labour isn’t about to stop non-dom contributions either–Lord Paul wouldn’t be able to contribute a ha’penny.
  • 20:13:11: @Mancman10 And Labour has known about Lord Paul for years. (P.S. I am not a Tory, nor am I Labour). Both parties are covered in non-dom mud.
  • 20:15:40: @Mancman10 God only knows. But this story will be dead when Ashcroft resigns as Dep. Treasurer or whatever he is. He’ll still contribute.
  • 20:27:51: @Mancman10 no party wants to cut off any source of funds. Like Willie Sutton, they tap the non-doms because that’s where the money is.
  • 21:21:50: @soveren @scorpiojerm I second the motion. And we want pictures, too!
  • 22:13:10: You said it. And they TALK BACK to you! RT @sammymcloughlin: self service checkouts are a waste of time.
  • 22:13:46: @soveren good night. sleep tight.
  • 23:54:15: well, tweeps and peeps, off to bed now. play nice, drink lots of pineapple juice, and have fun.

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For <lj user=”trawnapanda”>&#8230;

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

They’re everywhere

Happy birthday, <lj user=”houseboi”>&#8230;

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

…and many happy returns of the day.

From Twitter 03-03-2010

Thursday, March 4th, 2010
  • 13:43:51: RT @bbcnews: The former Labour Party leader Michael Foot has died, aged 96.
  • 13:44:47: @eklego06 Short answer: no. Longer answer: not as long as you take pictures and share them with us!
  • 13:46:36: Can the skip fit the rest of them? RT @eyespymp: 11.05 Two ministers in a skip: John Denham and Hilary Benn at Kings Cross community garden
  • 13:50:55: @IvyBean104 I’m so happy that you had a great time yesterday. Hope you will be able to travel to London many more times.
  • 14:00:44: They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel

Happy birthday, <lj user=”idgad”>&#8230;

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

…and many happy returns of the day!

From Twitter 03-02-2010

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

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I am over the moon!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I may have mentioned a few weeks ago that I was measured for orthopedic shoes at the diabetic foot clinic. As I had to attend there today to have my walking boot repaired (the lining had come off and ruined a suit and nearly ruined my leg) I was happy to learn that the shoes had arrived. The lovely man who fits shoes put them on me and I walked around a bit. For the first time in years I am wearing a pair of shoes that do not rub or chafe and which do not cause me any pain. I was so happy I nearly cried.

They look a bit boxy, but I don’t care. They are dress shoes (wing tips) and can be worn instead of my boot, as the insole has been designed so that it takes pressure off the ulcer on the sole of my left foot.

Once these shoes are judged a success they will make me a set of walking shoes to the same measurements. They will also give me extra room in them so that when I travel and my feet swell from being on the plane, I can remove one insole and have more room for a few days while my feet return to their proper size.

All of this is designed to keep my shoes from injuring my feet, thus keeping me away from the foot clinic. And, for those who are wondering, these shoes are free on the National Health Service. I am so grateful to my adopted country for having the humanity to allow me, and others in the same situation, to receive the medical help we need to keep ourselves in good shape and alive and ambulatory longer. As someone who is currently unemployed, in the United States and other places where health care is not provided to those who need it but cannot afford it, I would have to continue to wear shoes that chafe my feet and create calluses, blisters, and ultimately infections. These can lead to amputation or worse.

Thank you, NHS!

Methinks the Auntie doth protest too much&#8230;

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

There has been a very-much-trailed announcement this morning that the BBC (known fondly on these shores as Auntie Beeb) will be cutting about 1/3 of its website and two radio stations: Radio6Music and BBC AsianNetwork.

Now these are two radio stations to which I never listen. 6 Music is quite popular with the musicerati, I gather; Jarvis Cocker is one of the presenters of 6 Music and he said during an interview on The World at One that all his friends listen to 6 Music. There is currently an interview with the Director General, Mark Thompson, in which he is trying to defend his choices of services to cut.

Now I listen to Radio 4 (news and talk) every day I’m within earshot of it. I rarely listen to any other British radio station and even more rarely watch TV, BBC or not BBC. I think Radio 4 is great and I’d be happy to support it by a subscription. However, much of the TV output of the BBC is crap, spread over 4 TV stations. Their salaries, for executives as well as presenters, are bloated. Graham Norton, an entertainer who (in my opinion) is past his best work and just recycling the old stuff, is paid around

Today’s SPAM email

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

The name sounds so very Saudi, doesn’t it. And, his father was “assinated”. This sounds particularly gruesome…


I need your help. I got your email address from a guest book of business people all over the world. I am Bill Fazzina from Saudi Arabia and from a royal family. My father owns so many football clubs in Brazil before he was assinated by his political partners.

I want my father funds to be in your care. This $12,500,000.00 Million will be invested with your care. I need your trust as people around me can’t be trusted anymore.

Please reply and help me. I will come with my bank manager to meet with you to start up the investment.

Don’t be afraid because you will see me soon and we will start up this investment.

Bill Fazzina

For <lj user=”trawnapanda”>&#8230;

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I think that this cathedral is right up your alley.…

Happy birthday, <lj user=”bigmacbear”>&#8230;

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

…and many happy returns of the day.

From Twitter 03-01-2010

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
  • 17:22:34: Busy today. Off to Westfield Shopping Ctr for lunch with Leslie, then Waitrose for makings of coq au vin. Cooking for HWMBO tonight.
  • 17:26:42: @tug The bishops are scared shitless that incumbents will start doing civil partnerships and there is zero that bishops can do about it.
  • 17:29:47: The Welsh flag was flying over Westminster Abbey today, St. David’s Day.
  • 19:24:37: Coq au vin is now on the stove simmering. Carrots are cut and ready to cook. HWMBO is at the oculist’s getting his spectables fixed.
  • 20:55:30: @ToungeTre I like, very much!
  • 20:59:32: @seashellseller Buffalo! My grandmother was born there!
  • 21:40:00: @seashellseller Yup, in 1880. Johnson County, I think. No relatives left there that I know of unless someone named “Westman” is there.
  • 21:40:24: @MrPandaBehr Pigeon Forge? Try the blacksmith or the aviary…
  • 21:58:07: @MrPandaBehr An aviary is where you keep birds, the forge is where the blacksmith hangs out. Thus: Pigeon Forge. Pun, poor one. Sorry… 🙁
  • 22:59:17: @MrPandaBehr My dear, your sweetheartitude makes it unnecessary to get jokes.

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